Past High Fives - 2023
4th Quarter

Names of People on the Team: Amy Frithsen, Tom Parsons, Monica Naputi, Angela Brito Baldwin, Derek Johnson, Weixing Ou, Heather Lee Murthy, Tracee Jackson, Veronika Blair, Cathy Weaver, Rebecca Foster, Eboni Wilson, Mark Bell
Team Unit: Cross Functional
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We include and excel together

This nomination embodies both the "We include and excel together" and "We imagine and innovate" operating principles. Karen and Emilia were our 2 most recent RA3s hired into ERSO. We have an incredibly robust training plan, but it is a LOT of information to cover. All of the people included in this high five stepped up to volunteer their time from their very packed schedules/portfolios to meet with Karen and Emilia, to train them, to go over topics (often over the allotted time scheduled), to ensure understanding, etc. It not only has given a very thorough training to our new RAs, but it has also brought a sense of connection, purpose, belonging, and tie to the mission of ERSO and campus. I'm so incredibly grateful to all the trainers who helped out and offered their time. ERSO will be all the better for it. Thank you all SO much!

2nd Quarter

Names of People on the Team: Julie Aquino, Sandra (Sam) Guiton, Daniel Morgan, Swati Shah
Team Unit: Payroll
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We focus on services

ERSO-Payroll staff transact pay requests diligently with focus on accuracy to fix soup-to-nuts issues of the clients we support. A very special and HUGE thank you to Julie, Sam, Daniel and Swati for recent particularly, lengthy and/or complex cases involving over 50+ transactions per employee in some cases. Their steadfastness and commitment is deserves recognition and is critical to employees' pay. The notable highlights : Sam --- with 108 transactions for one employee: multiple timesheets submitted at the same time for an (almost) entire semester's work. Daniel --- for the most complex and highest value (faculty) overpayment case, $ 30K + Swati and Julie --- for 67 and 63, respectively for missed pay transactions for a single employee.

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