• Which costs are included in the per-person cost?
    • The per person cost is based on food and beverages, labor, sales tax, gratuity, delivery charges, and other related services fees. The costs of room rental, room setup fees, media rental, decorations, etc., are not included in per person costs unless those costs cannot be separated by the vendor.
  • How do I determine the number of participants when the event is open to public or group?
    • This event would be considered an “Open Invitation” event. In lieu of a list of attendees, provide the event invitation, flyer, or announcement of the "Open Invitation" event. The number of participants, in calculating your per-person cost, should be determined by the estimated number of attendees you are planning your event for.
  • What is America to Go?
  • Who may act as the host of the event?
    • An Official host is a University employee or other individual who is the University’s representative at an official business meeting, entertainment event, or other activity. The individual arranging an event (e.g., making hotel arrangements, ordering food, etc.) is not the host unless he or she is physically present at the event and acting in a capacity as the official host.
  • How do I request an exception?
    • Provide a written justification indicating the following:
      1. Explain why higher costs  were unavoidable and necessary to achieve the UC Berkeley business purpose of the entertainment and
      2. Address the amount over per person
    • If this was a morale building activity and/or if spouse were present, please explain why it was necessary to host such an event for additional review and approval.
  • When is my payday?
    • Your normal payday depends on what type of employee you are, and what type of payment you're receiving:
    • Academics / Exempt Staff employees are paid on the 1st of each month. When the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, then payday will usually be paid on the Friday prior, except for the New Year's holiday.
    • Non-Exempt Staff / Hourly Student employees are paid on the second Wednesday following the close of a biweekly pay cycle. The Campus Payroll Website http://controller.berkeley.edu/departments/payroll has payday and deadline calendars.
  • How do I receive my pay?
    • Employees receive either a paper check, or a direct deposit:
    • Paper checks, as of 06/01/2012, are placed in the US mail the day before payday, and then sent to the employee's address of record in the HR Database. (Students Note: The HR database is not connected to the address in your BEARS account).
    • We STRONGLY encourage you to enroll into direct deposit to avoid delay in payment due to the US Mail.
    • Direct Deposits are posted by your bank to your account by the official payday. On payday, you should receive a system email notifying you that you have been paid.
  • How do I verify and update my mailing address for paper paychecks?
    • To verify and update your address: Go to https://blu.berkeley.edu/ log in with your CalNet credentials, go the "People" section, and then click on the "Home and Mailing Address" link.
  • How do I enroll in Direct Deposit?
    • To sign up/change your direct deposit, please follow the below instructions. Please note that actions take 3-6 weeks to process. If you are due for a payment before your direct deposit takes effect, a paper check will get mailed to your home.
      1. Go to https://blu.berkeley.edu/
      2. Log in with your CalNet credentials.
      3. Click "People" link near the top of the page.
      4. On the left side area, click the "Direct Deposit" link.
      5. Enter the requested bank account information, and save your record.
  • How do I get copies of my W-2 and Earnings Statements?
    • W-2s and Earnings Statements can be viewed and printed through At Your Service, at: https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu. At Your Service is a campus community portal and it's your "one-stop" employee resource. After logging in, visit the Income and Taxes portion of the At Your Service website to view and print your Earnings Statements and W-2.
  • Do I need to turn in a timesheet / Caltime timecard?
    • Depending on your position, you may need to submit a timesheet in order to get paid, or be required to report attendance:
    • Non-Exempt Staff / Hourly Student Employees are required to use the CalTime system to get paid. Deadlines are biweekly. See here for more information and deadlines: http://caltime.berkeley.edu/.
    • Hourly Tutors and Readers are required to turn in a paper timesheet by the deadline in order to be paid. Timesheets must be signed by the employees' supervisor and left in the ERSO Payroll Services timecard drop box located at 197M Cory Hall. Timesheets are available on the ERSO forms website or at the CEE office (for CEE readers and Tutors).
    • GSRs / Monthly Tutors / Monthly Readers, effective Fall 2006, are no longer required to turn in a timecard to be paid. GSRs are paid automatically based on an approved appointment entered into HRMS and passed to payroll. An approved appointment authorizes the appointment dates, rate of pay and percentage of time to be paid.
    • Exempt Staff / Research Academics who accrue monthly paid sick and vacation time, are required to submit electronic CalTime timecards on a monthly basis. A timecard must be submitted whether or not any time off was taken. Deadline for Employee submission is generally the 1st of the following month. Supervisors must approve CalTime timecards, and the deadline is generally on the 5th working day of the month.
    • Postdoc Employees are required to turn in a monthly paper timesheet for the reporting period to report paid leave usage. A timesheet must be submitted whether or not any time off was taken. Timesheets must be signed by the employees' supervisor and left in the ERSO Payroll Services timecard drop box located at 197M Cory Hall. Timesheets are available on the ERSO forms website. Deadline for submission is the 5th workday of the following month.
  • How do I update my Tax Withholdings?
    • Your W-4 can be viewed and updated on the At Your Service website at: https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu. After logging in, visit the Income and Taxes area, and select "Tax Witholdings. Note: effective date of changes is subject to payroll deadlines.
  • I have a payroll question, who do I call?
    • For convenience our Payroll Services are divided by letter group. For best service please send all emails to our general mailbox: ersopayroll@erso.berkeley.edu.
    • Payroll Services
      Payroll Analyst
      Last Names A — G;
      Non-academic students, Post-Docs, CalTime
      Sara Rivera sara_rivera@berkeley.edu 642-9928
      Payroll Analyst
      Last Names H — K;
      Non-academic students, Post Docs, Readers, Tutors, CalTime
      Daniel Morgan danieljavier@berkeley.edu 664-5270
      Payroll Analyst
      Last Names L — R;
      Non-academic students, Post Docs, CalTime
      Julie Aquino juliea@berkeley.edu 664-7143
      Payroll Analyst
      Last Names S — Z;
      Non-academic students, Post Docs, CalTime
      Sandra "Sam" Guiton sam_guiton@berkeley.edu 642-9718
      Payroll Assistant
      Readers, Tutors, Check Reissuance
      Angela Wilkes angelar@berkeley.edu 642-7928
  • Which submit button do I select on the Service Request screen?
      • PIs/MSOs/Delegates select Submit to My Group for requests to their managed funds; the request will be submitted and approved in one step due to their funding authority. You should use the “Submit to Other Group” button on requests to any group that exceed your delegation amount -- this activates your role as a submitter rather than a delegate, and routes the request for approval by the PI/delegates with higher authorization. If you select the "Submit to My Group" button for amounts over your delegation, your request will generate an error without ability to save or submit your request.
      • Click Submit to Other Group for requests paid on funding not managed by you. This is the Requester role workflow. Once on the Service form, select the group funding the request, from the drop-down list at top of screen.
  • What’s the difference between Recent Requests and My Requests?
      • The My Requests list includes those initiated by you within the past 90 days.
      • The Recent Requests list includes those submitted, returned or approved by you within past 90 days.
  • What is a Delegate?
    • Intranet Delegates can approve and cancel transactions and use the advanced search function for a research group, department or center. This role is granted by the person with funding authority for the group (PI, MSO or Center Director) from within the Intranet or via the ERSO Delegation Request Form. Refer to Add/Delete Delegates & Group Leads in the Intranet User Guide.
  • What is a BearBuy Cart Authorizer?
    • A BearBuy Cart Authorizer (CA) has authority to approve carts submitted in BearBuy, for processing on behalf of the Faculty PI or other person with fund authority. Cart Authorizers are designated by the person with funding authority (PI, MSO or Center Director) within the Intranet or via the ERSO Delegation Request Form. Refer to Add/Delete BearBuy Cart Authorizers in the Intranet User Guide. The CA role is not restricted in BearBuy by dollar threshold, but can be limited by specific funds.
  • What is a Group Lead?
    • A Group Lead can view the group's financial reports, view people (salary) data, select delegates, manage unpaid associates and use the advanced search function in the Intranet. Group Leads are designated by the person with funding authority (PI, MSO or Center Director). PI’s make this authorization within the Intranet or via the ERSO Delegation Request Form. Refer to Add/Delete Delegates & Group Leads in the Intranet User Guide.
  • Why is a name missing on the Delegates & Group Leads drop‐down list?
    • Associates not paid on a group’s funds will not be listed on its People page until they are manually added by the Group Lead or PI/Center Director. Refer to Add/Delete Unpaid Associates in the Intranet User Guide.
  • How do I use the ERSO Intranet?
  • How do I get Intranet system access?
  • What do I do with a Returned Request?
      • Find returned requests under Services tab, My Requests
      • Click on the Edit link
      • Edit any field or attachment on the request screen
      • Click Submit (to re-submit for approval) or Save for Later (to edit or submit later).
  • How do I complete the Intranet Payment Form?
    • The Payment request is primarily used for supply (non-T&E) reimbursements to individuals. For example, if you pay out of pocket for supplies from a vendor, such as Amazon, complete the payment form as outlined below.
  • How do I get BearBuy help?
    • Contact the BearBuy Help Desk for assistance with use of the system. Contacts are also listed on the BearBuy Home / Shop page. Questions about your transaction processed by ERSO should be directed to ERSO Purchasing.
  • How do I access BearBuy?
  • What if I don’t have BearBuy access?
    • UC Berkeley employees, affiliates and graduate students automatically have access to BearBuy. If you encounter difficulty accessing BearBuy, please contact the BearBuy Help Desk. Non-employee undergraduate students without access should contact ERSO HR Operations, requesting a 'Volunteer Appointment' in HCM. Please follow the steps in the ERSO Volunteer Sign-up Process guideline.
  • Is there a browser recommendation for BearBuy?
  • Who do I assign my cart to?
    • Follow the process within your department -- check with your MSO or business manager if needed. ERSO-supported research groups should refer to the ERSO BearBuy Cart-Authorizer Lookup Table for a list by Faculty lead of Cart Authorizers for their group. Purchasing will return carts submitted outside of the appropriate authorization path.
  • Can I find shipping costs in BearBuy?
    • No. Shipping costs are dependent on many factors which occur after the purchase, and are not reflected in the BearBuy system. You can, however, specify your preferred shipping method in the comments field.
  • Which BearBuy form do I use?
    • ERSO recommends shoppers use the Non-Catalog form for any items not found within the system's Hosted or Punch-out catalogs.
      If submitting for a supply reimbursement, please use the Payment Request form.
  • Which Org Node do I use?
    • You can ask your group's Research Support Officer or department business manager to confirm your Org Node if you are unsure after checking the research center list below.
      EERCT = Engineering Research Centers including: CHESS, BSAC, BNSG, DMG, GSRC, BWRC, TRUST, KAUST, TSRC, NEXTOR, PATH, PRC
      NCEER = Earthquake Engineering Research Center
      NFEEH = Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering
  • How do I indicate the shipping address?
    • From inside your Cart, view the Requisition > Shipping tab. Click the Edit button and input the desired destination under Address Details > Attn.: (shipping code not necessary). After the requisition is submitted, ERSO Purchasing staff will include the Ship To address.
      ERSO’s standard location is 266 Sutardja Dai Hall MC 1768. View here for more on addresses and how to add frequently-used addresses to your profile.
  • What is the status of my order?
    • View the upper left Action Items section of the BearBuy Home/Shop screen.


      • Returned requisitions require your action before being processed (check the Comments tab for return reason/action needed)
      • Completed requisitions are in process of being fulfilled
      • Pending requisitions are awaiting processing
    • You may also contact us to inquire as to status.
  • Why has my cart been returned?
    • Returned requisitions require your action in order to be processed. Information could be missing, or documents need to be uploaded. Check the Comments tab for return reason and action requested.
  • How do I search in BearBuy?
  • How do I find my order?
    • Using BearBuy Document Search, you can search for requisitions, purchase orders, and vouchers (invoice payments). Once you perform a broad search, you can filter for values listed along the left column, or use Advanced Search link to specify parameters before searching.
    • Note: BearBuy Document Search returns results from the entire campus, so it is recommended to use the Advanced Search feature to narrow your results.
  • How do I find my cart?
    • All carts can be found under the Cart icon (Shop) > View Draft Shopping Carts on the left sidebar. Once your Cart is submitted, it becomes a requisition and can be viewed in the dropdown menu > Recent Orders under your name.
  • BearBuy FAQ for Research Administrators:
  • Which BearBuy form do I use to set up a Blanket PO?
    • A Blanket PO provides for multiple partial payments over an extended period. Submit the Amount Only form to create a blanket PO, which will allow multiple vouchers to be applied to the PO and reduce the balance with each payment.
  • Why don't I see use or sales tax applied to my voucher?
    • Sales/Use taxes are not calculated within BearBuy. BFS will properly calculate accrued use tax if the tax flag is selected at the line level on the BearBuy voucher. If so, UC has either paid sales tax or accrued use tax. RAs can review the flag in BearBuy at the line level, if desired.
  • What can I view in BearBuy?
    • Viewing rights vary based on your role in a BearBuy transaction. Please see the View Access by Role document for details, or contact BearBuy Support for further guidance in individual cases.
  • How do I search Requisitions and Vouchers for my Org Node Approver or Voucher Approval role?
    • Use the Document Search function to search transactions by your Chartfield 2. Remember to include the Chartfields of RA's chartstrings you are backup approver for during their days off. You can save your own standard searches in the Personal searches subtab of BearBuy, or review the available searches in the Shared folder for ERSO standard search templates that you can modify for your needs.
  • Can I 'scroll' through the transactions returned from a broad search?
    • Yes! Click the Quick View icon. This shows a window from which you can click forward and backward through all results.
  • How do I cover for another RA in BearBuy?
    • Remember to include the chartfield 2 managed by the RA you're covering for as well as your own, in your daily worklist search in BearBuy, to bring up the POs and vouchers needing your attention. See FAQ How do I search Requisitions and Vouchers for my Org Node Approver or Voucher Approval role? for more information on searches.
  • How do I find PODs / packing slips in BearBuy?
    • Packing slips are listed in the BearBuy receipt, and links directly to the relevant ERSO receiving log. Each POD is scanned and attached to the end of a daily log; logs are separated by date then building.
    • Please note that RAs need not check for packing slips as a step in the approval or Blucard reconcile process. Receipt matching and documentation is performed by our Receiving department on behalf of staff, and ERSO best practice is not to 'double-check' for PODs as its considered extra effort and an unnecessary step.