Overview of ERSO Intranet Roles

Intranet roles are assigned the PI or Group Lead. Below is an expanded description of each role. In addition, refer to the Role Grid for specific functions by role.

Group Lead

A Group Lead typically has operational and/or programmatic responsibilities for some or all of the group’s projects and activities. This role designates the individual ability to view the People and Finance tabs. In addition, the Group Lead administers all delegate roles (i.e. HR, Group Lead, Business, Admin) for the group.

Students nor RAs cannot be appointed to this role.

HR Delegate

The HR Delegate approves defined HR services requests for the group. The HR Delegate can view all defined open and past HR service requests for the group. All group funds are available for delegates to select from. GSR Request may only be approved by faculty.

Students nor RAs cannot be appointed to this role.

Administrative View

The Administrative View designation allows individuals to view the group’s Finance page, all business service requests, and defined HR service requests. The Administrative View does not allow visibility to the People page.

Business Delegate

The Business Delegate approves and cancels business requests (i.e. purchasing, reimbursements, and travel, etc.) to their delegated amount. In addition, this role can view ALL business service requests in the group regardless of the amount. All designated group funds are available for delegates to select from.

RAs cannot be appointed to this role.

Delegated Amount

The Business Delegate is assigned a maximum dollar threshold to which they have authorization to approve. The Business Delegate will only receive notification to approve business service requests within their delegated amount. The default delegated amount is $4999. The PI or Group Lead can increase or decrease this amount.

Unpaid Associate

An Unpaid Associate is an employee or student manually added to the group to provide access for role assignment. These individuals are paid on another source than the group and added using the individual’s UID found in the Campus Directory. For more information on how to add an Unpaid Associate to a Group, see here.

Paid Associate

Paid Associates are employees currently paid on the group’s associated funding sources based on system business rules (i.e. CF2 or DeptID). The list is automatically updated daily from UCPath.

Note: If a Paid Associates with a system role is moved off from the group’s funding (to another source), that individual will lose their assigned system roles for that group. To ensure there are no role interruptions, the PI or Group Lead may choose to add the individual as an Unpaid Associate and then designate their roles.