2022 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Reagan Lu
Nominee's Unit: Research
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

Reagan is a new employee (11 months) with very busy PIs and challenging workloads. Despite this, he has taken the time and effort to thoroughly coach another new employee, Melodee Li (5 months) on how to submit stipends and fees in the Student Information system (SIS). This is for the NSF Training grant which has many components and restrictions and the SIS itself is a complicated system. I'm very impressed to see how much expertise Reagan has developed on Berkeley systems in such a short time even given the limitation of an all-virtual workplace, that he can confidently train another RA during the portfolio transition, and that too for a complicated award like this one.

Nominee's Name: Alberto Marcelo
Nominee's Unit: Human Resources
Criteria: Team Player

Customer Service Example:

This is a special shout out to Alberto who has demonstrated being a Team Player since he began at ERSO! Alberto is always willing to assist and go the extra mile to ensure the our HR Operations division runs smoothly and efficiently. Recently, he assisted with important benefit counseling with a potential new hire that we are trying to bring on as a new employee. This is not the first time he has assisted me with trying to seal the deal! Thank you for making time with your busy schedule and know that you are appreciated!

Nominee's Name: Julie Aquino
Nominee's Unit: Payroll
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Customer Service Example:

I nominate Julie for her stalwart commitment to accurately completing a missing pay request which encompassed (10) pay periods and (95) individual line items for one of our EECS Tutors: one of the longest we've ever had. While processing missing pay is a standard task at ERSO-Payroll, the length of this case was unusual. Julie demonstrated the accuracy, diligence and careful attention that was required to get this missing pay processed successfully in a timely manner once known. I reconciled the transaction and Julie's entries were 100% accurate --- kudos! Thank you so much.