RA Process for Booking Airfare for Guest Travelers (BCD Travel)

The Connexxus portal limits access to certain HR job titles; as a result, non-employee travelers (guest travelers) may book airfare directly with BCD Travel agent using this process:

  1. Guest Traveler (non-employee traveler) forwards RA completed ERSO Direct Bill ID request form.

  2. RA will generate a Direct Bill ID (after receiving authorization and funding information from PI or designate) and sets a “do not exceed total” for airfare cost, if applicable.

  3. RA sends BCD Travel an email booking authorization to the following address (email template is provided below): UC.Authorizations@bcdtravel.com. The email should include:
    1. Subject line: Authorization for <Guest Traveler Last Name / First Name>
    2. Body of the email: include the traveler’s name and Direct Bill ID#.
      If someone other than the traveler will be calling BCD Travel to book the reservation, that person’s name should be included in the email message. This authorizing email is what will allow the guest traveler to complete his/her booking.
  4. RA sends the Guest Traveler the Direct Bill ID and “do not exceed” limit for airfare, if applicable. Advise the guest traveler that they will need to provide the arranger's name and the Direct Bill ID# to the BCD agent (email template is provided below).

  5. Guest Traveler contacts BCD Travel at: 877-885-8632 (option 3) for dedicated agent. Guest Traveler is required to provide the RA’s name and the Direct Bill ID to the BCD agent when they call.

    Sample Email Templates
    Email Template: RA to BCD Travel

    To: UC.Authorizations@bcdtravel.com
    Subject line: Authorization for <Guest Traveler Last Name /First Name>
    Body of the email:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    <Guest Traveler's Name> is authorized to book airfare for upcoming trip to <City, State> under Direct Bill ID#: <#########>.

    Thank you,
    <Your Name>

    Email Template: RA to Guest Traveler

    Dear <Traveler>,
    In order to book your pre-paid airfare for your <business trip>, please contact BCD Travel at 1-877-885-8632 (option 3) [or 818-238-4445 (outside the U.S.)] for dedicated travel agent. Please provide the Agent the UCB Direct Bill ID#: <###########>, which is your authorization, and my name, <your name>, as the UCB Authorizer.

    The Prof. <PI’s name> has authorized a do not exceed amount of $x,xxxx for the airfare. If you are unable to book your itinerary for this amount or less, please contact me with your estimated airfare and I will seek the necessary approval.

    Please note this token is only good for this trip; any future trips, please request another DBID token from me.

    Thank you,
    <Your Name>