Travel Contacts

The Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement / Payment Services Team provides comprehensive services including:

  • Processing general supply reimbursements
  • Processing reimbursements for university travel
  • Problem resolution
  • Policy interpretation
  • Other services associated with travel, entertainment, exceptional approvals, and travel advances
  • Payments to vendors and reimbursements to individuals for entertainment events, such as business meetings, conference/ retreat, and other occasions where meals and/or light refreshments are served

Travel and Entertainment Reimbursement / Payment Services:

Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement / Payment Team
Reimbursement & Payment Services CoordinatorMaria Jaureguimariaj@berkeley.edu664-9541
Reimbursement & Payment Services CoordinatorAlicia Jellinekamjellinek@berkeley.edu664-9475
Reimbursement & Payment Services AnalystWendy Kungwkung@berkeley.edu664-9555
Reimbursement & Payment Services AnalystJorge Perezjhperez@berkeley.edu664-4199
Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement / Payment Management
Reimbursement & Payment Services SupervisorDiane Howedespujol@berkeley.edu664-9464
ERSO Director of Business and Finance ServicesJennifer Stonejstone@berkeley.edu643-8833