Staff Salute

June Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Jennifer Dawson
Winner's Unit: ERSO RSO
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Customer Service Example:

I can't thank Jen enough for answering only about 2000 of my various RSO questions throughout the course of the past 9 months. With her help, this old dog is still trying to learn new tricks. And boy there is a lot of them to learn at UC Berkeley.

November Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Gwen Lindsey
Nominee's Unit: Research Administration
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Gwen provided me an enormous amount of help and support on the budget and documentation of my first DOE proposal. She provided me with a template for the budget and she made herself available for a seemingly endless number of questions. I can't thank her enough for being SO GENEROUS with her time and expertise!

Nominee's Name: Sandra Guiton
Nominee's Unit: ERSO Payroll
Criteria: Team Player

Sam as been an extremely valuable team player to me this month. She stepped in at critical instances when I was unavailable to resolve or complete tasks with crucial deadlines such as delivering overpayment checks to campus and tackling a intricate pay history and expense transfer issue with perseverance to enable closure of the matter. I'm so thankful for her help.

Nominee's Name: Gina Banton
Nominee's Unit: HR Operations
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Gina is most deserving of a staff salute! Within hours, she provided EECS with a GSR report, configured per their wishes, with 12+ years worth of data. She responded in a customer friendly manner, offering customization if necessary. This in my opinion, exemplifies going above and beyond as well as being an excellent team player. Thank you Gina!

3rd Quarter High Five Winners

Names of People on the Team: Sandra, Angela, Julie, Cathy
Team Unit: Payroll
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? Demonstrates Commitment

Describe what this team did that embodied the Berkeley Operating Principle selected above:

PETs suck. But are a part of life. Shout out to the payroll staff that keep the ship afloat while they are short staffed.

4th Quarter High Five Nominations

Names of People on the Team: TBA
Team Unit: TBA
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? TBA