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August 21st ERSO Staff Salute

ERSO Staff Salute team members making it happen for our Summer Fun Fest!

Pictured: Sanchita Pal and Cathy Weaver

The Champs are here! ERSO team members show off their competitive side!

Pictured: Alberto Marcelo, Cynthia Weekley and Tom Parsons

Celebrating our 2nd Quarter ERSO Staff Salute winners!

Pictured: Anthony Stamos and Damon Hinson

March 2019 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Larry Polito
Winner's Unit: ERSO Purchasing
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

Larry went WAY above and beyond for his efforts in negotiating and mitigating risk for an agreement with a translation company for an upcoming workshop.


Attendees of the UCB hosted workshop required equipment for listening to a translator for their meeting. The company required the equipment to be set-up a day prior to the beginning of the meeting; however, the company was asking Berkeley to take on the cost of replacing any lost or stolen equipment (valued at $10K) and the hotel could not guarantee the room would be completely secure.


Larry did not accept this risk and explored many avenues to mitigate the risk for Berkeley. He had conference calls with the vendor, hotel, and Department requester to explore options that would reduce Berkeley's financial risk. In the end, the UCB Research Group had students sleepover in the meeting room, to ensure the equipment was secure.


I’d say the equipment is safe thanks to all of Larry’s efforts. Great job, Larry!

February 2019 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Mary Courtney
Winner's Unit: ERSO Purchasing
Criteria: Anticipates Customer Needs

Customer Service Example:

2019 International Solid-State Circuits Conference is being held in San Francisco in February. This is a very popular conference with our EECS graduate students and we received over 30 requests for conference registration with an early bird registration of January 27th.


Mary Courtney was assigned all of these conference requests and she provided excellent customer service meeting the registration deadline and ensuring the registrants were enrolled in the appropriate tutorials, short courses, events, demonstration sessions, etc. I cannot stress enough the effort and attention to detail Mary demonstrated to enroll all of the students in by the conference deadline and reconcile all the charges too.


Mary, thank you for your efforts in supporting our customers. Great job, Mary!

January 2019 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Hannah Holloway
Winner's Unit: RA
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Customer Service Example:

Hannah just worked with a CGA supervisor to clear a long swept fund (from 2016). This took perseverance on her part to keep pinging CGA about getting this done, and today Hannah succeeded! Kudos to you, Hannah!

December 2018 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Natalie Chen
Winner's Unit: ERSO - Leslie's Team
Criteria: Team Player

Customer Service Example:

Natalie has helped me beyond belief! I have had a steady flow of incoming proposals that I really needed help managing. The moment I asked Natalie for my help she reached out to my PIs to work with them on 2 separate proposals. Another one of my PIs told me that she needed a "simple budget" within a couple of days which turned out to be a huge budget for a center that was more than $6 million. Natalie graciously and meticulously completed this budget for the PI who was very grateful for her level of detail and customer service. I am so thankful to work with Natalie who is the epitome of a team player! Thank you Natalie!

November 2018 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Erik Hoopes
Winner's Unit: ERSO Shipping & Receiving
Criteria: Problem Solver

Customer Service Example:

Erik Hoopes made a huge contribution to ERSO Receiving recently. I struggled to create location barcodes our tracking system would read and finally just handed it over to Erik. The location barcode was the corner stone issue preventing our package delivery and equipment management processes from achieving the ultimate chain of custody goal.


After communicating with our vendor and his impossibly demanding supervisor, Erik researched and procured all the necessary components, installed the software & hardware, cleaned up our database and started testing the new barcodes. Failure has haunted Receiving Departments for over three millennia and Erik's effort met the same fate for a few weeks. However, he was able to determine the issue resided in our vendor's system.


After a long conference call with the vendor, the entire issue was resolved due to Erik's insight, experience and willingness to jump into the problem-solving arena. The result is we can provide irrefutable proof of package delivery and/or asset location with digital time stamping and images. Erik's achievement brings greater accuracy and efficiency to our department.


Erik, I would like to personally thank you for being an excellent problem solver and for making a difference!

October 2018 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Mary Cuison
Winner's Unit: Research Administration
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Customer Service Example:

Today I met with Dr. Padolina who heads the PICARI program. He was visiting from the Philippine government.


In my meeting he expressed how grateful he was for the work that Mary did in coordinating all of his meetings during his visit to UC Berkeley. He said that Mary arranged everything with "military precision."


As we know, arranging meetings is often challenging and this certainly goes beyond Mary's role as C&G Manager. Her commitment to our organization is superb. Thank you Mary!

August 2019 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Wendy Kung
Nominee's Unit: ERSO B&FS
Criteria: Above & Beyond

We just received a very last minutes beverage credit card order for tomorrow's delivery. I contacted Wendy right away about that request.


Wendy is able to work on this request right away. She contacted the Dept. within 5 minutes to obtain the required information and she processed the request online in 15 minutes. I am amazed with her abilities.


This is not the first time Wendy "saves the day" for our customers. I would like to give her a shout-out here. We are glad to have her in our team. Thank you Wendy.

July 2019 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Alice Wong
Nominee's Unit: ERSO Team 2 Procurement Supervisor
Criteria: Problem Solver

I can't say enough good things about Alice Wong. She continuously comes up big for us. Recently she helped us figure out a billing issue with our off-campus property where PG&E hadn't charged us for the correct amount. I know Alice is very busy but she was able to help resolve our issue within a few hours! Alice has also helped us expedite orders that we need in a timely manner. She is one of the best and I always enjoy working with her!

Nominee's Name: Jennifer Stone
Nominee's Unit: ERSO
Criteria: Problem Solver

Jennifer Stone has put forth tremendous work on the Payroll Suspense issue. She's been working in the early mornings to late in the evenings, including the weekends leading up to her vacation. Her efforts reduced the Payroll Suspense account from over $300,000 to just over $20,000.


She systematically developed a process to monitor payroll suspense which alleviates this burden from others in the organization. She's been very instrumental in notifying others on the ERSO team of necessary actions to take in order to address suspense issues. Managing suspense is a burden for everyone but with Jennifer's focus she has really made a difference for the team. THANK YOU!

June 2019 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Sarah Gaugler (Runyon)
Nominee's Unit: ERSO Research Administrator
Criteria: Team Player

Four ERSO RAs have passed Certified Research Administrator test in June 2019. Leslie Goldstein created the original semester long weekly study session and provided us all the study materials. But Sarah Gaugler went above and beyond and took the initiative to create another weekly study group to help out her fellow colleagues. Along with her we went over various CRA practice questions available on Quizlet and other websites. She also provided various study tips and best practices. All these, especially while discussing and going over various questions, has truly helped us in gaining a better understanding, and preparing for the test.

May 2019 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Damon Hinson
Nominee's Unit: ERSO Research Administrator
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Recently my PI needed to upload his lab's food invoices starting March 2018 on ERSO Intranet. He contacted the Work-study student but she was off that day. Damon being her supervisor was also copied on that email. Before I had a chance to reply to the email Damon already reached out to my PI and went all the way to Stanley Hall to collect a box full of invoices. He sorted them out chronologically, removed the ones that were already paid, and made a list for all the missing ones. Not only that, he also contacted the restaurant bookkeeper for the missing invoices, then completed eight entertainment forms, get them signed and uploaded them on the Intranet for my PI to approve!


Damon is not only a great PRA, excellent mentor and a helpful team lead and colleague; he is always there for everyone! He definitely deserves a Staff Salute for always going way above and beyond to help all our faculty at any time.

Nominee's Name: Sherrell Collins
Nominee's Unit: HR
Criteria: Above & Beyond

I wanted to take a moment to recognize your employee - Sherrell Collins. I have been working with her on a recruitment matter and I wanted to recognize the effort she put forth in obtaining all of the necessary information to ensure that this was a good fit for the department, as well as giving the internal applicant the benefit of the doubt by accessing as much information that was accessible to her to give him a fair chance in this recruitment. There are not very many people who go above and beyond as she did in this situation.


Great job Sherrell!

Nominee's Name: Damon Hinson
Nominee's Unit: ERSO RA
Criteria: Above & Beyond

I needed someone to cover me and Damon stepped up to the plate when I asked him.


What makes this a stand out moment is I had a DARPA proposal that was on its way out the door to the sponsor this very day and SPO decided some adjustments needed to be made. Damon was able to make this happen smoothly. I know I can rely on Damon covering me fully ever needed.

April 2019 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Sarah Gaugler
Nominee's Unit: ERSO
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Sarah is my office-mate, and since my first day in this office (almost 10 months ago), she has taken me under her wing. I consider her my adopted RA Mentor. She has taken time out of her day, almost every day, to advise me on something, teach me something or simply answer my millions of questions. She has shared all of her best practices and her organizational tips with me and has prepared me for a larger workload in the future by doing so.


She has an extraordinarily large portfolio and she’s always busy, but she always makes time to walk me through the processes I’m learning for the first time, sharing all of her knowledge. All of my post-award experience has come from her training and I am profoundly grateful for her time and her patience.

Nominee's Name: Angela Brito Baldwin
Nominee's Unit: ERSO
Criteria: Team Player

When I was out for about 2 weeks, Angela kindly agreed to take on 2 of my proposals while I was out. She made sure everything was submitted on time even though we were up against tight deadlines and working under difficult circumstances. She also diligently watched my T&E and BearBuy queue. She took on a lot of work that was not hers and did not think twice about it.


She is always willing to help out and take on projects to assist. She's full of energy and is a treat to work with.


Thanks so much, Angela. YOU ROCK!

1st Quarter High Five Winners

Names of People on the Team: Rebecca Foster, Cathy Weaver, Alberto Marcelo, Joel Spitzer, Nadya Abo-Shaeer (although Nadya is not an ERSO team member, she is supported by us and is providing training support to our region)
Team Unit: Cross Functional
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We are accountable to each other

Describe what this team did that embodied the Berkeley Operating Principle selected above:

This team of folks have willingly volunteered their time to be trainers for the new HR/Payroll UCPath system. They have devoted a significant amount of hours to learning all the training material (which still changes frequently) so that they can train the entire campus on a particular UCPath module. Not only are they dedicating significant amounts of time but they are also expected to maintain the same level of customer service that is required for their regular position here on campus. They have volunteered for such a big job and the campus as a whole will be better off because of it. I hope they can win this High Five as a small token of our appreciation for all the support they are providing to the campus and will provide to our region in the future.

Names of People on the Team: Sarah Gaugler, Damon Hinson, Derek Johnson, Anthony Stamos, Judy Tam, Leslie Goldstein
Team Unit: Research
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We imagine and innovate


The Cal Answers Team met from August-November weekly to learn and navigate the Cal Answers System in order to produce a training (user's guide and hands on) for Research Administrators on how to use the new system for all their financial reporting needs due to the retirement of BAIRS. The team worked very hard and focused on delivering this in time for people to use it while we still had BAIRS to cross test. They deserve a high five!

2nd Quarter High Five Nominations

Names of People on the Team: TBA
Team Unit: TBA
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? TBA