Staff Salute

March 2018 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Steven Quach
Winner's Unit: Travel/Entertainment Reimb. & Payment Services
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Customer Service Example:

Recently we had been working with a Department who needed to purchased tickets for a Course related, Manufacturing Student field trip.


Late Friday afternoon, the department was informed the Vendor required payment by Sunday. The rest of the Staff had gone home already and without hesitation, Steven stayed late to process & pay with his Event Planner Card, to insure the tickets would be secured for the upcoming Student Event.


This type of commitment, demonstrates Steven's continued dedication to Customer Service!.


Thank you!

February 2018 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Leslie Goldstein
Winner's Unit: ERSO-RA
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

This salute is to recognize the above and beyond contribution of Leslie Goldstein. Recently I was asked to provide detailed data for a project the Dean of Engineering was working on.


The data needed was intricate and specific. I discussed the need with Leslie and she immediately went to work. Along the way she was patient while answering my many questions.


Her understanding of our systems and sense of urgency was a huge asset to me and the Dean.


Thank you Leslie!

January 2018 Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Diane Howe
Winner's Unit: B & FS
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

Diane has gone WAY above and beyond for her efforts in reviewing over 15 complex (international) travel reimbursements for one traveler whom had very unique circumstances over a one year period. I cannot stress enough how complicated these reimbursements are and to the degree Diane had to dive into the details to complete such a thorough review. If I had to estimate, she has devoted over 32 hours to this project, including on her weekends. Receipts in various foreign languages, currency conversions, and incompleteness are just a few of the barriers that Diane tackled with ease and enthusiasm. Finally, I really appreciate Diane’s patience to explain her finding to me. Great job, Diane!

August 2018 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Sandra Guiton
Nominee's Unit: Payroll
Criteria: Team Player

This nomination is long overdue. I needed to prepare a large number of complicated PETs and couldn't remember how to indicate the various details. Sam spent quite a bit of time correcting and guiding me to make sure the requests were for what was actually needed. I'm especially grateful because I know she's explained all this to me before.


Thanks Sam!

Nominee's Name: Charlotte M. Jones
Nominee's Unit: ERSO
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Yesterday Charlotte had an E3S event for which a vendor was to supply snack food for ~100. She called them earlier in the day to ensure they had the details needed for arriving only to be told the vendor was out of the country & would not be coming. Charlotte quickly contacted another local vendor to step in with less than an hours notice. Kudos for Charlotte for thinking on her feet & doing her best to make sure the event turned out smoothly!

July 2018 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Anthony Stamos
Nominee's Unit: ERSO RA
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Anthony demonstrates and embodies many of these selection criteria - problem solver, above & beyond, demonstrates commitment. In leading the File Retention working group, he has been very geared toward continuous improvement of ERSO processes. He has been keeping the work on track, coming up with innovate and simplified processes for ease of work, and bringing the recommendations to management quickly. He truly demonstrates a commitment to ERSO in his drive to improve. We are lucky to have him on our team! Thanks, Anthony!

June 2018 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Damon Hinson
Nominee's Unit: ERSO
Criteria: Team Player

Damon has been an extremely helpful in training me on various award processes since I have started back at ERSO. When I had my first NSF proposal, Damon sat with me on various occasions and trained me on every step of the process. Damon has a large portfolio to support, and took time out of his schedule to ensure I had the resources I needed to be successful in not only my first proposal but also various other questions I've had. Damon is an excellent trainer, colleague and is a true example of a team player. I am so grateful and fortunate to work with Damon and would like to thank him for all of his support.

Nominee's Name: Steven Quach
Nominee's Unit: ERSO - T&E
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Steven has processed many complicated travel reimbursements for one of the centers I support. The requests are submitted and typically are missing a lot of backup documentation and/or require additional clarification on expenses. When I've gone to approve reimbursements, I have seen the communications Steven has had with the center to clarify policies and documentation needed. Steven has had phone meetings with this center and has handled everything seamlessly so when the report is sent to me to approve I can be confident in knowing it is complete and compliant. Steven has gone above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and I appreciate all of his efforts in helping my center.

Nominee's Name: Natalie Chen
Nominee's Unit: Travel and Entertainment
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Natalie has recently received numerous reimbursements from one of my PI's group. All of these requests require additional explanations and revisions. Seeing her attentiveness to detail is a reflection on our commitment for excellence. Bravo Zulu

Nominee's Name: Michael Banderas
Nominee's Unit: Purchasing
Criteria: Above & Beyond

I wanted to take a moment to recognize Michael Banderas for customer service that went above and beyond the call of duty.


I recently had an issue ordering frames I needed for an Executive Education Program. I was told a week before the graduation program they were on back order.


I called Michael, and he got right on the issue. He found appropriate frames (that were less expensive!) and made sure they got to me on time. He kept me informed along the way since he know I was a bit stressed about the possibility of disappointing the students. All this was very admirable, yet what struck me most was not the procedure he followed, but his upbeat, can do, a very professional attitude in which he went about his tasks. This, to me, was the invaluable part of the experience.


Thank you for the opportunity to share my comments on this team member's very positive efforts on my behalf and those of my students.

May 2018 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Gwen Lindsey
Nominee's Unit: RSO
Criteria: Team Player

This is a much delayed nomination. I would still call it an untold true story, even though some of my office mates have heard about this. On an early Monday morning last March, I was anxious about a DARPA proposal due that day, as I had not received all the information needed to complete the budget. On my way to work, I had a car accident. When I got to the office, I was shaking and could barely thinking, but still having to get my mind to focus on the proposal. Gwen came to my rescue and asked:”what can I do for you, Nicole?” She then spent most of her day checking my budget column by column and row by row, making suggestions and adjustments. When the budget was finally finished, I knew Gwen had saved my day. Gwen, Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your experience and most importantly, your time. I know you, too, have a heavy workload, but time and time again, you show me what a selfless team player you are.

April 2018 Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Anthony Stamos
Nominee's Unit: RA
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Anthony has had a dialog with his admin. officer at DARPA for a couple of years when she told him she would be coming to visit Berkeley campus. He asked her if she would be willing to make a presentation to RA's about how DARPA worked. She agreed. She came today and presented to a group of ERSO RA's and SPO & IAO personnel covering some questions submitted in advance. Anthony set up the room & invited everyone; got a laptop for the presentation & even got some refreshments. This was a wonderful way to further educate our RA's. This only happened because Anthony had the idea and followed it. He should be commended for carrying out such a successful, beneficial endeavor!

Nominee's Name: Damon Hinson
Nominee's Unit: RSO
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Damon helped me in understanding few nitty-gritty details with one of my collaborative proposal which involves my PI as the lead and 2 other Berkeley faculty from various department. His guidance immensely helped me with proposal submission and meeting the deadline of the lead institution.

Nominee's Name: April Alford
Nominee's Unit: ERSO/Purchasing
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

On Wednesday, April 11th , 2018, there was an unexpected/unplanned, Fire Alarm at 4th Street, where all personnel were evacuated and to gather at their Teams designated sites. Alice was offsite at a Conference, and I was at a meeting on Campus. April took it upon herself to account for all ERSO Staff, acknowledging my absence as well, & informed me via text, of the situation. She additionally followed up with an "All Clear" text, once everyone was back safe & sound. Her instant "take charge" action, was greatly appreciated!

Nominee's Name: Mark Bell
Nominee's Unit: Shipping & Receiving
Criteria: Problem Solver

I was very impressed with the mechanism Mark created for ERSO's entry in the RAC poster contest highlighting ERSO's fabulous integrated Intranet. Volunteering his own time, Mark created a platform to enable all the moving parts of ERSO's 3-D poster to function properly: creative and incredible.


A shout out also goes to the entire team on the RAC poster committee, especially T.K Chen, Leslie Goldstein, Vonis Moore and Diane Howe.

Nominee's Name: Derek Johnson
Nominee's Unit: ERSO
Criteria: Team Player

Derek was awesome while I was out the other week. I was scheduled to be out Wed-Fri, and (of course) a PI lets me know at 2PM on Tues that he needs to submit a proposal by Friday. Derek graciously dealt with the tight deadline turn around, working on a proposal for another RA's PI, last minute changes in the budget, and pulling all the pieces together. He showed such great team spirit , solved all the problems, and went above and beyond in helping me out even when we are all super busy. I can't thank him enough. He deserves all the recognition.


Thanks, Derek - you rock!

Nominee's Name: Rebecca Foster
Nominee's Unit: Payroll Operations
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Rebecca is most deserving of this nomination for her effort and support of the BEARS Singapore operation.


They often have very complex and intricate needs and Rebecca is always willing to assist and accommodate.


In this particular instance they needed payroll data organized in a certain manner that required custom reports and pivots. Of course they needed this urgently. Rebecca worked her reporting and excel magic and provided the information to the team in 24 hours.


Rebecca is committed to service and this is just one example that exemplifies it! Thank you Rebecca.

2018 2nd Quarter High Five Winners

Names of People on the Team: TBA
Team Unit: TBA
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? TBA

Describe what this team did that embodied the Berkeley Operating Principle selected above:


2018 3rd Quarter High Five Nominations

Names of People on the Team: Jennifer Dawson, Glenn Chen, Esther Gomez, Anthony Stamos, Dan Matsuoka, Jennifer Stone
Team Unit: Cross Functional
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We imagine and innovate

This group of people have been key in getting the ERSO Hub up and running! They have spent hours collecting, combining, and putting together content specific to ERSO staff, updating docs, researching processes, and improving the way we work. The launch of the Hub means our internal processes are all in one spot, and we can quickly and easily access the tools needed for our jobs. Jennifer Stone and Dan Matsuoka were also exceedingly helpful in getting the content up on the page in a cohesive and easy-to-access manner. We are truly lucky to have such a great team working on continuous improvement in ERSO. I could not have done it without any of them!

Names of People on the Team: Annette, Krystal and Dave
Team Unit: HR
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? Demonstrates Commitment

My center of PI's hires a boatload of Postdocs and visiting doctors from China. They always have exceptions and time periods that don't match us easily for what we do here at Cal. But the team does a fantastic job of managing the workload. As the dearly departed Prof Angus Young would say: "You ROCK!, and we salute you." =)