Staff Salute

ERSO Staff

March Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Rebecca Foster
Winner's Unit: ERSO-Payroll
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

I salute Rebecca because she took very great care in anticipating the needs of both our clients and ERSO-Payroll staff in managing the (daily) changing circumstances with the Corona virus scare. She not only worked with us as a team to plan ahead, Rebecca also spend a great deal of time to (privately) meet with each team member to assess and address each individual's concerns and needs. She provided a SAFE environment for us to openly discuss our issues. I feel ERSO-Payroll is well prepared to navigate the crisis thanks to Rebecca's astute preparations and compassion.

February Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Joel Spitzer
Winner's Unit: HR
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

Proverb: Give an analyst a pay rate, and the analyst can figure out one bit data.

Teach an analyst how to search out pay rates in UCPath-etic, and the analyst can complete more of her work w/o pestering others for pay rates.


Joel took the time to reveal some of the mysteries of UCP. Given who was asking, he even managed to find the patience. Now that is indeed going above and beyond.

January Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Farah Pranawahadi
Winner's Unit: ERSO RA
Criteria: Team Player

Customer Service Example:

Farah kindly offered to be my back up for proposals while I was out of the country this month. She took care of three proposals, and two of them came as last minute. Farah provided exceptional support and service to my faculty. She deserves a big salute for Team player and Demonstrates commitment.

September Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Alice Wong
Nominee's Unit: ERSO - Purchasing
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Alice recently aided a senior faculty team submitting a proposal to DOD by creating first a "vendor" account - from which a proposal was supposed to be launched. Even SPO did not have an account with this body (though they're working on that now). Alice stepped right up and took care of business so the proposal could move forward - working closely with the RA leading that effort. Alice is a real team player & for this effort should be acknowledged with a staff salute for going "Above & Beyond."

August Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Jennifer Stone
Nominee's Unit: Business & Financial Services
Criteria: Team Player

Jennifer has taken it upon herself to manage the problematic FY20 funding rollover process. She immediately went into action (as she often does) to review and identify the problems. Additionally she developed actions to solve the problematic transactions and communicated with the team so that everyone is aware and on the same page. Jennifer often works behind the scenes to make sure ERSO is functioning well. She deserves a salute for her efforts. Thank you Jennifer!

Nominee's Name: Veronika Blair & Natalie Chen
Nominee's Unit: Research Administration
Criteria: Team Player

I wish to recognize Veronika Blair and Natalie Chen's help with the NSSC recompetition proposal. This was a $25M DOE proposal with 10 sub awards, 12 Co-PI's, and tons of required documents. Both Veronika and Natalie graciously volunteered to help me. Veronika, with her amazing organizational skills, set up a Google drive and tracked the subaward documents, making sure everything required was received by the deadlines, and following up to get revisions if anything was incorrect. Natalie helped me with many tasks such as researching payrates, putting the draft budget in the required budget justification template, completing a table of students per institution, and editing all the current and pendings. This proposal would have been a lot for one RA to handle, so I really appreciate their help. This is a good example of a team working well together to get the job done!

July Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Sanchita Pal
Nominee's Unit: RA
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Sanchita has twice in the last two weeks volunteered to help out with work which was in need of completion which were not areas of her responsibility - helping submit a CAREER proposal for a new faculty member with no RA yet - and taking on two PRA duties from another PRA recently promoted to supervisor. In both instances Sanchita immediately stated she would help without hesitation. She is so deserving of a Staff Salute.

June Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Damon Hinson
Nominee's Unit: RA
Criteria: Above & Beyond

I have inherited a PI whose DARPA grant Financial progress report was pending since October. Damon took time out of his busy schedule to call me twice to help me in maneuvering the TFIMS site and also explained all the steps I needed to follow to upload monthly CalAnswers report and the BFS invoices through April. He also checked the award notice and provided me with instructions and the templates that my PI can use for his monthly Technical reports. Damon always goes above and beyond to help out his fellow colleagues!

April Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Gus Monino
Nominee's Unit: IT
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Gus' commitment to customer service and supporting ERSO was highlighted during the SIP. There was not a lot of time to prepare for this transition to 100% SIP, especially for staff that have never telecommuted. Gus prepared laptops to be distributed, troubleshooted VPN, remote desktops, and connectivity issues. Without Gus' intervention, there would have been many lost hours of productivity by our Staff. On behalf of the entire ERSO staff, we really appreciate your of hard work and dedication. Thanks Gus!

Nominee's Name: Ken Major
Nominee's Unit: ERSO Receiving
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Ken demonstrates his commitment to ERSO and UC Berkeley everyday - before and since the COVID 19 SIP orders. When I announced I was leaving Cal to move to Minnesota with my family earlier this year, Ken immediately let me know he would see the transition through and support Receiving to ensure it had enough coverage. When SIP orders were issued March 13th and Receiving functions were deemed essential, Ken once again stepped up to say he could be counted on to contribute to the needs of ERSO and UC Berkeley. That is exactly what he has done by processing and delivering all packages and mail on his own for the last several weeks. Additionally, when time permits, Ken has been creating PDFs of all the documents related to assets under ERSO's custody. Ken's efforts provide me with peace of mind regarding packages and he is laying the ground work Receiving's next transition - a reconfiguration of our operation so we can adhere to social distancing requirements prior to campus reopening. These are challenging time for those of us approaching the "less than ideal age range for COVID" and I deeply respect and appreciate Ken's commitment to ERSO!

Nominee's Name: Erik Alexander Hoopes
Nominee's Unit: ERSO Shipping & Receiving
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Since campus deemed us essential staff, Erik has been a contant contributor for ERSO, COE and campus as it relates to packages, BETS inventory tagging, mail and our latest adventure, distributing face coverings to essential staff across campus. We have been working closely with Supply Chain Management, Campus Mail, Building Coordinators, EH&S, UCPD, and the VCR's office. Erik has shined with contributions in zoom meetings, creating Google sheets, developing processes, thinking though logistical issues and showing up everyday to support our effort.


Everyday we take greater risks than the average person since we come to work and encounter more people daily which in turn increases the opportunities for us to catch the virus. Erik has never waived from attending work and excelled in tackling every problem we have encountered. If you have to go into battle, take Erik with you because he is a team player that solves problems, anticipates what comes next and demonstrates his commitment by going above and beyond at each and every opportunity to do so. ERSO Receiving will thrive for years to come under his leadership.

Nominee's Name: Alberto Marcelo
Nominee's Unit: ERSO HR
Criteria: Above & Beyond

I am nominating Alberto for ALL of the criteria! He is always SUPER helpful and constantly takes the time to explain every situation even when it's just the least bit different than normal, which is almost every case I have. He takes the time to research the problem, discuss with his colleagues, and comes up with several options for me and my faculty to discuss for every HR case even before he has discussed with me. I recently had a rather weird situation with a recall appt for a PI that was being backdated on different records, and it caused a lot of HR and Payroll work, and Alberto was patient and informative about every step of the process. I'm very happy he's a part of ERSO and that I get to work with someone whom embodies the ERSO mission and constantly makes the extra effort and goes the extra mile.


This nomination is long overdue, and he deserves the recognition. You rock, Alberto! Keep up the great work!

Nominee's Name: Gwen Lindsey
Nominee's Unit: ERSO RA
Criteria: Team Player

I am nominating Gwen - as both a both Team Player & Problem Solver! She helped a fellow RA troubleshoot her Excel files to keep Excel from freezing/shutting down and ensuring all the problem files were fixed - with a set of steps. She did this while all RA's & IT staff are telecommuting.


Thank you, Gwen for your help in fixing this complex problem!

2019 4th Quarter High Five Winners

Names of People on the Team: Sarah Gaugler, Anthony Stamos, Anne Anderssen, Angela Brito-Baldwin, Sanchita Pal, and Veronika Blair
Team Unit: Research
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We include and excel together

Describe what this team did that embodied the Berkeley Operating Principle selected above:

This focus group spent a LOT of time re-working and compiling information for the Pre-Award Resources (PAR) documents: Common Proposal Anomalies by Sponsor (COMPASS) and SPO/IAO - RA Guidelines/Best Practices. We met every week for 10 weeks and spent countless hours assembling, organizing, and compiling the 2 documents to simplify and provide useful tools in proposal preparation. We had such an awesome team of folks with varying expertise, so it made it not only an educational experience, but a fun one, too. Thanks so much for all your help team!

2020 2nd Quarter High Five Nominations

Names of People on the Team: Erik Hoops, Ken Major, Mark Bell
Team Unit: Cross Functional
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We focus on services

The S&R Team has provided phenomenal service to the ERSO staff and community during the Shelter in Place orders for campus. During the SIP, our S&R Team was on campus providing support to ERSO.


During the SIP order, Erik, Mark, and Ken have played a tremendous role in facilitating ERSO Staff to work 100% remotely in a short period and ensuring staff had the necessary equipment to work from home. With the Bay Area Shelter in Place order, there was not a lot of time to prepare for this transition. Our S&R Team provided assistance by retrieving staff’s office equipment to help them work from home ergonomically and efficiently (i.e. office chairs, monitors, mice, etc.); in addition to mailing computer peripherals to home their addresses. They also coordinated with Gus in troubleshooting computer issues related to staff’s remote desktop connections, which required our S&R Staff to turn on computers, etc. We appreciate all of the support provided by our S&R Team during this SIP.

Names of People on the Team: Mark Bell, Erik Hoopes, etc.
Team Unit: Shipping and Receiving
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We focus on services

Our Shipping & Receiving team are still on campus during the shelter in place directive. When my computer updated and I could not connect via remote desktop, they went and started up my computer for me. I recognize the risk they are taking to keep us working and hope they are able to stay safe. Thank you so much!

2020 1st Quarter High Five Nominations

Names of People on the Team: Jennifer Stone, TK Chen, Dan Matsuoka, Eboni Wilson, Gina Banton
Team Unit: Cross Functional
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We imagine and innovate

This team successfully launched the batch funding upload module which will result in thousand of saved manual entry hours for the ERSO team. They worked tirelessly to develop the business requirements, develop the programming, testing and communication to launch this module within 4 months- super impressive. Way to go team!!