Staff Salute

March Salute Winner

Winner's Name: Vicky Yasenchok
Winner's Unit: ERSO
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

Vicky epitomizes 'above and beyond.' She was exceedingly helpful in retroactively adjusting a GSR appointment to the correct step level. It was a long process and involved deleting records and then re-creating them to ensure the correct funding level, appt level, etc. Vicky was helpful throughout and communicative. Thank you so so much, Vicky!

June Salute Nominations

Nominee's Name: Natalie Chen
Nominee's Unit: Procurement
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Natalie has been super helpful on processing our request most especially our event request that deals with a lot of logistics. She's very patient and very pro-active. I really appreciate that she's willing to answer question to help me succeed on my job as well. I am grateful to be able to work with her, she's very pleasant to work with.

Nominee's Name: Lucia Greenfield-Head
Nominee's Unit: HR Operations
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Lucia worked closely with me to revamp our student remote hiring process which is particularly vital during Summer. She showed excellent understanding of student onboarding policy and a great attention to detail. Thank you to Lucia for making this complicated process more clear for our students.

1st Quarter High Five Winners

Names of People on the Team: TBA
Team Unit: TBA
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? TBA

Describe what this team did that embodied the Berkeley Operating Principle selected above:


2nd Quarter High Five Nominations

Names of People on the Team: Robert Miller, April Alford, Alicia Jellinek, Mary Courtney, Amber Gregory, Natalie Chen, Nelson Colindres, Maria Jauregui, Jorge Perez, Steven Quach, Brenton Haslam, Christian Arrona, Erik Hoopes, Mark Bell, Diane Howe, Alice Wong
Team Unit: Cross Functional
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We include and excel together

I would like to recognize the outstanding contributions by the ERSO B&FS Team. The Purchasing, Reimbursement Services, and Shipping & Receiving Teams have demonstrated commitment, teamwork, and tremendous efforts during a challenging period due to significant staffing gaps. The Team has pulled together and worked diligently to fulfill orders and complete reimbursements within our service level agreements.

Thank you all for your hard work and perseverance over the past several months; your commitment to service in support of the University's mission is impressive and appreciated.