Salute Nominations

2019 Salute Nominations


Nominee's Name: Mark Bell
Nominee's Unit: ERSO S&R
Criteria: Above & Beyond

Customer Service Example:

I was out of the office and received an urgent time sensitive request for students from India visiting UC Berkeley for the Global Leadership Program at CED. The Hyperwallet Cards provided to the students for subsistence while in Berkeley were not working and the program coordinator was desperate for assistance. After receiving my out-of-office response, she contacted the recommended email alias for help.

Mark Bell saw the call for help and immediately jumped into action. He reached out to our campus contact to help resolve the issue, while keeping our CED customer in the loop during the resolution process. Thanks to Mark’s quick action and problem solving, the cards were functioning again.

Mark, thank you for your excellent customer service and your commitment to the team.

Nominee's Name: Mary Courtney
Nominee's Unit: ERSO Purchasing
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Customer Service Example:

2019 International Solid-State Circuits Conference is being held in San Francisco in February. This is a very popular conference with our EECS graduate students and we received over 30 requests for conference registration with an early bird registration of January 27th.

Mary Courtney was assigned all of these conference requests and she provided excellent customer service meeting the registration deadline and ensuring the registrants were enrolled in the appropriate tutorials, short courses, events, demonstration sessions, etc. I cannot stress enough the effort and attention to detail Mary demonstrated to enroll all of the students in by the conference deadline and reconcile all the charges too.

Mary, thank you for your efforts in supporting our customers. Great job, Mary!

Nominee's Name: Hannah Holloway
Nominee's Unit: RA
Criteria: Demonstrates Commitment

Customer Service Example:

Hannah just worked with a CGA supervisor to clear a long swept fund (from 2016). This took perseverance on her part to keep pinging CGA about getting this done, and today Hannah succeeded! Kudos to you, Hannah!