ERSO Appreciates our Awesome staff!


ERSO celebrated all the great people that make up the ERSO team. We enjoyed an island themed event with mocktails, delicious island buffet and beautiful Hawaiian dancers. It was a gorgeous sunny day in Berkeley spent with colleagues enjoying each other's company.

April 24th ERSO Staff Salute


Congrats to our latest Staff Salute winners!

Mary Cuison – October 2018
Erik Hoopes – November 2018
Natalie Chen – December 2018
Hannah Holloway – January 2019
Mary Courtney – February 2019
Larry Polito – March 2019

1st Quarter SPOT Award Winners:

  1. Alice Wong
  2. Cathy Weaver
  3. Gina Banton
  4. Joel Spitzer
  5. Maria Odezynskyj
  6. Sarah Lirio
  7. Veronika Blair

Team High Five Winners:

UC Path Team:

  1. Eboni Wilson
  2. Rebecca Foster
  3. Cathy Weaver
  4. Alberto Marcelo
  5. Joel Spitzer
  6. Nadya Abo-Shaeer (although Nadya is not an ERSO team member, she is supported by us and is providing training support to our region)

The Cal Answers Team:

  1. Sarah Gaugler
  2. Damon Hinson
  3. Derek Johnson
  4. Anthony Stamos
  5. Judy Tam
  6. Leslie Goldstein

Effort Report Certification Period


Effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges to, or cost shared on, sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and reflect the actual level of work performed. For more information on Effort Reporting, visit CGA’s website:

Deadlines are listed here:
03/01/2019 - 04/30/2019: ERC Review Period for July through December 2018
03/28/2019: Self-Certifier Deadline
04/02/2019: PI Review Period begins
04/18/2018: PI Review Period ends
April 30, 2019: Hard deadline for final certification!

For specific questions about your effort reports, please contact your Research Administrator or Effort Report Coordinator.

UCPATH Employee Information Session


On January 23rd, ERSO held an employee information session about the employee self-service functions in UCPATH. If you missed the presentation, you may view it here. We also encourage you to view this video about the Employee Portal. (Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to access the link):

A few important reminders:

  • If you already have direct deposit set-up, there is nothing you need to do. It will roll into UCPATH from our current HR system.
  • If you do not have direct deposit set-up, we encourage you to do so now. Instructions on how to do so are available at this link:
  • ERSO HR and Payroll Operations will continue to be your resource as they are now for your HR and payroll needs.
  • As we transition to UCPATH, transactions may take longer. Please plan ahead and please be patient as we are all learning the new system at the same time.

ERSO Welcomes ORUs to our Service Community


ERSO welcomes the following Organized Research Units (ORU), formally supported by Team 9:

Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)
California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE)
Center for Environmental Design Research (CEDR)
Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD)
UC Transportation Center

Effective December 18, 2018, these ORUs will receive support services from ERSO.

For any questions on how to access services from ERSO, please contact the appropriate functional team using our alias.

Toys for Tots and Teens


ERSO is participating in the Toys for Tots and Teens Program led by UCPD. This event will benefit the young victims of the Camp Fire.

Donation bins are located in the 199MF Cory; the bins will be there until Friday, December 14th.

You can help by donating new toys and school supplies for all ages from infants to teens.

Only new and unwrapped items in their original packaging can be accepted. Donations will be checked, so please do not wrap them.

Items NOT accepted include:

  • No money or gift cards
  • No violent toys or video games (i.e. guns, weapons, military, etc.)
  • No religious items (i.e. bibles, crosses, etc.)
  • No electrical, spark-producing, or friction-producing toys
  • No parts that can pinch fingers/toes or catch hair
  • No toys made of glass or brittle plastic
  • No food, clothing, or housewares
  • No large banners or poster-size artwork
  • Any glue or paint in craft kits must be non-toxic

August 21st ERSO Staff Salute


Congrats to our latest Staff Salute winners!

April - Anthony Stamos
May - Gwen Lindsey
June - Damon Hinson

2nd Round SPOT Award Winners:

  1. Alberto Marcelo
  2. Gus Monino
  3. Noriko Katagiri
  4. Sarah Runyon
  5. Reed Helgens
  6. Anthony Stamos
  7. Damon Hinson
  8. Sanchita Pal
  9. Maria Odezynskyj
  10. Derek Johnson
  11. Myra Rose
  12. Farah Pranawahadi

ERSO Staff Salute team members making it happen for our Summer Fun Fest!

Pictured: Sanchita Pal and Cathy Weaver

The Champs are here! ERSO team members show off their competitive side!

Pictured: Alberto Marcelo, Cynthia Weekley and Tom Parsons

Celebrating our 2nd Quarter ERSO Staff Salute winners!

Pictured: Anthony Stamos and Damon Hinson

The ERSO team shows off their stylish and creative hats!


The team enjoyed a fun-filled hat themed Staff Salute.

After a business update, SPOT award winners and Salute winners were recognized and announced.

The team enjoyed delicious treats and catching up with one another. The hat contest was a hit and prizes went to Tom Parson for best innovative, Natalie Chen and Wendy Kung for most creative, and Cynthia Weekley for her Kentucky Derby style.

Fun was had by all!

Staff Salute Winners:
January Winner - Diane Howe
February Winner - Leslie Goldstein
March Winner - Steven Quach

SPOT Award Winners:
Glenn Chen
Nicole Song
Tracey Richards
Mark Bell
Helena Gin

The ERSO Intranet - The Gears That Connect Us


Once again, the ERSO Poster team created an amazing poster.

This year, the team focused on the ERSO Intranet- the Gears that Connect Us. The team, comprised of Alice Wong, Cathy Weaver, Diane Howe, Eboni Wilson, Gus Monino, Mark Bell, Jennifer Stone, Miriam Kader, TK Chen, Vonis Moore and Leslie Goldstein, worked tirelessly to create a 3-D, motorized and electronic poster.

This project was a true team effort where everyone had a chance to share their talents and creativity. We are so fortunate and lucky to have such dedicated team members who generously gave their time to develop this work of art.

The poster will be on display in the Cory Hall Mezzanine. If you haven't seen, please stop by to check it out.

ERSO Team enjoys a noon concert on Staff Appreciation Week


Members of the ERSO team enjoyed a lovely noon concert at Hertz Hall on Wednesday, March 21st. Listening to beautiful, talented voices and spending time together was a great way to celebrate staff appreciation week.