High Five Nominations

2019 High Five Nominations

1st Quarter

Names of People on the Team: Rebecca Foster, Cathy Weaver, Alberto Marcelo, Joel Spitzer, Nadya Abo-Shaeer (although Nadya is not an ERSO team member, she is supported by us and is providing training support to our region)
Team Unit: Cross Functional
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We are accountable to each other

This team of folks have willingly volunteered their time to be trainers for the new HR/Payroll UCPath system. They have devoted a significant amount of hours to learning all the training material (which still changes frequently) so that they can train the entire campus on a particular UCPath module. Not only are they dedicating significant amounts of time but they are also expected to maintain the same level of customer service that is required for their regular position here on campus. They have volunteered for such a big job and the campus as a whole will be better off because of it. I hope they can win this High Five as a small token of our appreciation for all the support they are providing to the campus and will provide to our region in the future.

Names of People on the Team: Sarah Gaugler, Damon Hinson, Derek Johnson, Anthony Stamos, Judy Tam, Leslie Goldstein
Team Unit: Research
Which Operating Principle did this team embody? We imagine and innovate

The Cal Answers Team met from August-November weekly to learn and navigate the Cal Answers System in order to produce a training (user's guide and hands on) for Research Administrators on how to use the new system for all their financial reporting needs due to the retirement of BAIRS. The team worked very hard and focused on delivering this in time for people to use it while we still had BAIRS to cross test. They deserve a high five!