Staff Salute Guidelines


  1. Recognize Team 2 staff employees who demonstrate outstanding customer service.
  2. Support one of Team 2's key priorities and key measures of success - Customer Service.
  3. Create a sense of community among staff members within Team 2.


​Staff nominated must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Problem Solver: Thinks in problem-action-results terms. Works quickly to implement and communicate the solution.
  • Above and Beyond: Surpasses the expectations of the customer.
  • Anticipates Customer Needs: Does more than is expected and does so before being asked.
  • Team Player: Provides unsolicited assistance to team members.
  • Demonstrates Commitment: Works endlessly to complete the task at hand and gains confidence and trust of the customer.


  1. Eligible population includes all Team 2 staff employees (and programmatic support staff reporting to a Team 2 supervisor).
  2. The employee's performance must be satisfactory or above with no outstanding disciplinary actions.
  3. Employees must be on pay status at the time of payout to receive an award.
  4. Individuals may receive one award per year.


Peers, supervisors, faculty, or other campus individuals may nominate staff for a customer service award. Individuals may not self nominate.

  • Nominations should be submitted through the ERSO website at Submit a Salute.
  • Nominations will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed monthly.
  • Nominations will be posted daily in a "blog" format in chronological order as submitted. Every nominee will receive a nomination postcard.
  • Every month The Staff Salute Troupe will vote on a winner - "Monthly Special" Winners will be accounced at the bi-monthly ice cream social meetings and featured on the web page.
  • Winners receive a monetary reward.

Double Scoop Salute

  • Each nomination get an entry into the drawing. Employees with multiple nominations will get an equal number of entries into the drawing.
  • Prize is valued at $75.
  • Nomination Periods: January-June, and July-December. December cutoff will be the Holiday Party. Nominations made in December after the party will be included in the January drawing.
  • Nominee must be present to be included in the drawing.
Team High Five Guidelines