Staff Salute Guidelines


  • Recognize ERSO staff employees who demonstrate outstanding customer service.
  • Support one of ERSO's key priorities and key measures of success - Customer Service.
  • Create a sense of community among staff members within ERSO.


​Staff nominated must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Problem Solver: Thinks in problem-action-results terms. Works quickly to implement and communicate the solution.
  • Above and Beyond: Surpasses the expectations of the customer.
  • Anticipates Customer Needs: Does more than is expected and does so before being asked.
  • Team Player: Provides unsolicited assistance to team members.
  • Demonstrates Commitment: Works endlessly to complete the task at hand and gains confidence and trust of the customer.


  • Eligible population includes all ERSO staff employees (and programmatic support staff reporting to an ERSO supervisor).
  • The employee's performance must be satisfactory or above with no outstanding disciplinary actions.
  • Employees must be on pay status at the time of payout to receive an award.
  • Individuals may receive one award per year.


Peers, supervisors, faculty, or other campus individuals may nominate staff for a customer service award. Individuals may not self nominate.

  • Nominations should be submitted through the ERSO website at Nominate for a Salute.
  • Nominations will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed monthly.
  • Nominations will be posted daily in a "blog" format in chronological order as submitted. Every nominee will receive a nomination postcard.
  • Every month The Staff Salute Troupe will vote on a winner - "Monthly Special" Winners will be accounced at the bi-monthly ice cream social meetings and featured on the web page.
  • Winners receive a monetary reward.

Double Scoop Salute

  • Each nomination get an entry into the drawing. Employees with multiple nominations will get an equal number of entries into the drawing.
  • Prize is valued at $75.
  • Nomination Periods: January-June, and July-December. December cutoff will be the Holiday Party. Nominations made in December after the party will be included in the January drawing.
  • Nominee must be present to be included in the drawing.
Team High Five Guidelines


  • Recognize ERSO employees who work together as a team.
  • Support meeting the UC Berkeley Operating Principles.


  • A team can be a small or large team within a functional department or can be cross functional.
  • Award will be for collaborative work and should be tied to the Berkeley Operating Principles. Team should be awarded for a specific achievement.
  • Nominations will be reviewed, selected and announced quarterly.
  • The event budget will be determined by the team size.
  • Team supervisor(s) will develop a business agenda and coordinate the event.


  • Nominations should be submitted through the ERSO website at High Five a Team!
  • Nominees will be displayed on the Staff Salute Page.
  • Winner(s) will be selected by ERSO management team quarterly.


  • Eligible population includes all ERSO staff employees. Casual restricted staff (work-study and non-work study) are also eligible.