The per person cost is based on food and beverages, labor, sales tax, gratuity, delivery charges, and other related services fees. The costs of room rental, room setup fees, media rental, decorations, etc., are not included in per person costs unless those costs cannot be separated by the vendor.

This event would be considered an “Open Invitation” event. In lieu of a list of attendees, provide the event invitation, flyer, or announcement of the "Open Invitation" event. The number of participants, in calculating your per-person cost, should be determined by the estimated number of attendees you are planning your event for.

An Official host is a University employee or other individual who is the University’s representative at an official business meeting, entertainment event, or other activity. The individual arranging an event (e.g., making hotel arrangements, ordering food, etc.) is not the host unless he or she is physically present at the event and acting in a capacity as the official host.

Per BUS-79, entertainment expenses that exceed the per-person maximum or are considered non-standard expense type (i.e. employee morale building, meals provided to spouse or domestic partner, cash contributions, and tickets) require exceptional approval by either the Chancellor or a designee.

Provide a written justification indicating the following:

  1. Explain why higher costs  were unavoidable and necessary to achieve the UC Berkeley business purpose of the entertainment and
  2. Address the amount over per person

If this was a morale building activity and/or if spouse were present, please explain why it was necessary to host such an event for additional review and approval.

For all employees:

Login to blu.berkeley.edu

Click on People
Click on Self-Service
You can change your direct deposit, emergency contact, address, as well as view old earning statements February 2003-July 2009.

Earning statements August 2009 forward are available online: https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu/ayso

Access Your Earning Statement on AYSO

Contact HR Operations according to your last name as follows:

Staff & Academic Appointments and all HR Functions
Last Name A-GAlberto Marceloalbertom@berkeley.edu642-8003
Last Name H-KLeisa Leileisa@berkeley.edu642-9816
Last Name L-NGina Bantonginam@berkeley.edu642-9817
Last Name O-ZJoel Spitzerjspitzer@berkeley.edu642-9388

If your last name begins with:

Staff & Academic Appointments and all HR Functions
Last Name A-GAlberto Marceloalbertom@berkeley.edu642-8003
Last Name H-KLeisa Leileisa@berkeley.edu642-9816
Last Name L-NGina Bantonginam@berkeley.edu642-9817
Last Name O-ZJoel Spitzerjspitzer@berkeley.edu642-9388
Student Assistants, GSR Appointments & Employee Verifications

You should meet with the Retirement Counselors in the Central Benefits Office:

Phone: 1-800-568-9182
Email: retire@berkeley.edu

First contact your supervisor. Your supervisor should then alert the ERSO HR Operations Manager who will coordinate the leave, your benefits, and provide you with the necessary forms to be completed. If you have any questions contact Joel Spitzer at jspitzer@erso.berkeley.edu 642-9388.

Download the Alternate Work Schedule Request form from the ERSO website. Complete the form and get supervisor approval/signature. Supervisor will forward the request to the ERSO Sr. HR Generalist for approval.

For GSRs:

It depends! Have you completed your hiring paperwork and submitted all documents to HR Operations? Are you registered and enrolled in 12 units by the 3rd week of classes? Are you in good academic standing? Is your appointment for the entire semester and is it for at least 25% time? If the answer to these questions is yes, then your fees should be paid through your GSR appointment by the third week of classes.  If your fees still haven’t been paid by the third week of classes you should contact Vicky Yasenchok at vickyas@berkeley.edu or 642-9897.

If you pay 20% of the fees and your GSR appointment should have covered your fees, the 20% payment you made will be credited to your CARS account.

Your fees will be split proportionately between the appointments. Only partial fees will be paid. The difference between partial fees and full fees (approximately $200) is usually split between the two departments and paid by the ERSO Research Support Officer managing the funds using the DSAS system. Non Resident Tuition, if eligible, is paid by the RSO using DSAS.

If the late fees are due to delayed tuition/fee payment by the department, HR Operations will request the late fee to be waived. Late fees not directly related to tuition/fees are the responsibility of the student. Please send your CARS statement to ERSOhrops@erso.berkeley.edu or bring to it 199M Cory Hall.

Student Employee: Contact Vicky Yasenchok, vickyas@erso.berkeley.edu, and provide her with your SID, your Employee ID, and the information needed for the verification letter. Processing time is five days from the date of your request.

Academic or Staff employees should contact the appropriate HR Generalist. Assignments are determined by the first letter of your last name. Processing time is five days from the date of your request.

Staff & Academic Appointments and all HR Functions
Last Name A-GAlberto Marceloalbertom@berkeley.edu642-8003
Last Name H-KLeisa Leileisa@berkeley.edu642-9816
Last Name L-NGina Bantonginam@berkeley.edu642-9817
Last Name O-ZJoel Spitzerjspitzer@berkeley.edu642-9388

No. You are not eligible to accept/hold a GSR appointment while on filing fee status. If you have additional questions, contact the HR Operations staff at ERSOhrops@erso.berkeley.edu.

For faculty and hiring managers:

Instruct the GSR to go to:


The GSR should fill it in, submit, and print the confirmation page. Once submitted by the GSR the request will be routed to the Faculty Sponsor. The Faculty Sponsor should enter all necessary information such as the dates, funding source and percentage and can either approve or deny the request. Once approved by the Faculty Sponsor HR Operations will review the case and contact the GSR if any additional actions are needed. When the GSR Appointment has been processed the Faculty Sponsor, RSO and GSR will all receive confirmation emails.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the HR Operations staff at ERSOhrops@erso.berkeley.edu.

Work with Sherrell Collins, Recruiter, slcollins@berkeley.edu, 643-7788, who will assist you with your recruitment.

Complete a request form limited appointment request form and forward it on to the appropriate HR Coordinator. We will also need the scholar's CV and funding confirmation and the chartstring to be charged from the RSO.

Assignments are determined by the first letter of the last name.

Staff & Academic Appointments and all HR Functions
Last Name A-GAlberto Marceloalbertom@berkeley.edu642-8003
Last Name H-KLeisa Leileisa@berkeley.edu642-9816
Last Name L-NGina Bantonginam@berkeley.edu642-9817
Last Name O-ZJoel Spitzerjspitzer@berkeley.edu642-9388

Complete the Postdoc Appointment Request Form and send to one of the HR Coordinators based on the first letter of the last name described below. If you have any questions regarding the salary range please see Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee, Fiscal Year. If you have questions about the timeline please see Postdoctoral Scholar Case Timeline.

Staff & Academic Appointments and all HR Functions
Last Name A-GAlberto Marceloalbertom@berkeley.edu642-8003
Last Name H-KLeisa Leileisa@berkeley.edu642-9816
Last Name L-NGina Bantonginam@berkeley.edu642-9817
Last Name O-ZJoel Spitzerjspitzer@berkeley.edu642-9388

The HR Generalist will also need the following documents from the Scholar:

If you have questions regarding hiring Postdoctoral Scholar's you can review their contract here: http://hrweb.berkeley.edu/labor/contracts/PX

  1. Updated CV
  2. Proof of PhD
  3. Additional Documentation will be requested if a Visa is necessary

ERSO only handles unpaid appointments for CITRIS, PEER and Bioengineering. If you are not associated with these departments, you contact your academic department to assist. If your academic department is unable to assist contact Eboni Wilson at 642-0479 or eboni@erso.berkeley.edu to discuss fee for service options.

For CITRIS, PEER and Bioengineering, contact one of the HR Coordinators based on the first letter of the last name.

Staff & Academic Appointments and all HR Functions
Last Name A-GAlberto Marceloalbertom@berkeley.edu642-8003
Last Name H-KLeisa Leileisa@berkeley.edu642-9816
Last Name L-NGina Bantonginam@berkeley.edu642-9817
Last Name O-ZJoel Spitzerjspitzer@berkeley.edu642-9388

HR Generalists will need the following information in order to process the request:

  • Start/End Dates
  • Paragraph Description of the Research
  • Scholar’s CV
  • Will this person require a visa?

Please see the HR Operations timeline for academic appointments and visas here: ERSO Academic Case timeline for International Scholars.

VS/VSR Appointment Type Visa Fee
Visiting Scholar - Initial Appointment $500
Visiting Scholar - Extension $250
Visiting Student Researcher - Initial Appointment $500
Visiting Student Researcher - Extension $250
Visiting Student Researcher - Initial Appointment (Undergraduate) $500 or $1,000
Visiting Student Researcher - Extension (Undergraduate) $250

NOTE: Expedite Fee is $250; ERSO will notify you if this fee is necessary.

Your normal payday depends on what type of employee you are, and what type of payment you're receiving:

Academics / Exempt Staff employees are paid on the 1st of each month. When the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, then payday will usually be paid on the Friday prior, except for the New Year's holiday.

Non-Exempt Staff / Hourly Student employees are paid on the second Wednesday following the close of a biweekly pay cycle. The Campus Payroll Website http://controller.berkeley.edu/departments/payroll has payday and deadline calendars.

Employees receive either a paper check, or a direct deposit:

Paper checks, as of 06/01/2012, are placed in the US mail the day before payday, and then sent to the employee's address of record in the HR Database. (Students Note: The HR database is not connected to the address in your BEARS account).

We STRONGLY encourage you to enroll into direct deposit to avoid delay in payment due to the US Mail.

Direct Deposits are posted by your bank to your account by the official payday. On payday, you should receive a system email notifying you that you have been paid.

To verify and update your address: Go to https://blu.berkeley.edu/ log in with your CalNet credentials, go the "People" section, and then click on the "Home and Mailing Address" link.

To sign up/change your direct deposit, please follow the below instructions. Please note that actions take 3-6 weeks to process. If you are due for a payment before your direct deposit takes effect, a paper check will get mailed to your home.

  1. Go to https://blu.berkeley.edu/
  2. Log in with your CalNet credentials.
  3. Click "People" link near the top of the page.
  4. On the left side area, click the "Direct Deposit" link.
  5. Enter the requested bank account information, and save your record.

W-2s and Earnings Statements can be viewed and printed through At Your Service, at: https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu. At Your Service is a campus community portal and it's your "one-stop" employee resource. After logging in, visit the Income and Taxes portion of the At Your Service website to view and print your Earnings Statements and W-2.

Depending on your position, you may need to submit a timesheet in order to get paid, or be required to report attendance:

Non-Exempt Staff / Hourly Student Employees are required to use the CalTime system to get paid. Deadlines are biweekly. See here for more information and deadlines: http://caltime.berkeley.edu/.

Hourly Tutors and Readers are required to turn in a paper timesheet by the deadline in order to be paid. Timesheets must be signed by the employees' supervisor and left in the ERSO Payroll Services timecard drop box located at 197M Cory Hall. Timesheets are available on the ERSO forms website or at the CEE office (for CEE readers and Tutors).

GSRs / Monthly Tutors / Monthly Readers, effective Fall 2006, are no longer required to turn in a timecard to be paid. GSRs are paid automatically based on an approved appointment entered into HRMS and passed to payroll. An approved appointment authorizes the appointment dates, rate of pay and percentage of time to be paid.

Exempt Staff / Research Academics who accrue monthly paid sick and vacation time, are required to submit electronic CalTime timecards on a monthly basis. A timecard must be submitted whether or not any time off was taken. Deadline for Employee submission is generally the 1st of the following month. Supervisors must approve CalTime timecards, and the deadline is generally on the 5th working day of the month.

Postdoc Employees are required to turn in a monthly paper timesheet for the reporting period to report paid leave usage. A timesheet must be submitted whether or not any time off was taken. Timesheets must be signed by the employees' supervisor and left in the ERSO Payroll Services timecard drop box located at 197M Cory Hall. Timesheets are available on the ERSO forms website. Deadline for submission is the 5th workday of the following month.

Your W-4 can be viewed and updated on the At Your Service website at: https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu. After logging in, visit the Income and Taxes area, and select "Tax Witholdings. Note: effective date of changes is subject to payroll deadlines.

For convenience our Payroll Services are divided by letter group. For best service please send all emails to our general mailbox: ersopayroll@erso.berkeley.edu.

Payroll Services
All Employees A — F (except Monthly Readers/Tutors)
Summer Salary A — G
Payroll Analyst Sara Riverasara_rivera@berkeley.edu642-9928
All Employees G — Li
Monthly Readers/Tutors A — Z
Summer Salary H — K
Payroll Analyst Daniel Morgandanieljavier@berkeley.edu664-5270
All Employees Ll — Se (except Monthly Readers/Tutors)
Summer Salary L — R
Payroll Analyst Julie Aquinojuliea@berkeley.edu664-7143
All Employees Sf — Z (except Monthly Readers/Tutors)
Summer Salary S — Z
Payroll Analyst Sandra "Sam" Guitonsam_guiton@berkeley.edu642-9718
Payroll Operations Management, Overpayments, Effort Reporting
Payroll Operations ManagerRebecca Fosterrrebecca@berkeley.edu642-9204
Effort Report Coord., Team LeadCathy Weaverclweaver@berkeley.edu642-4925
Payroll Management
Payroll Operations ManagerRebecca Fosterrrebecca@berkeley.edu642-9204
Executive DirectorCynthia Weekleycweekley@berkeley.edu643-8423

Yes, our staff can complete your purchase from online vendors on your behalf. We recommend that you

  • shop first within BearBuy search to check for the preferred campus‐contracted pricing, and if items or best pricing are not found,
  • submit a request in BearBuy using the Non‐Catalog form for Purchasing to process, rather than buying the item yourself and requesting reimbursement afterwards. Be aware that many sellers on ‘marketplace’ sites like eBay or Amazon have varying return and refund policies, e.g., if an item doesn't work it may not be returnable, particularly with used or specialty items. Contact ERSO Purchasing with any specific questions beforehand.
  • We cannot purchase auctioned items (those without a set price, or requiring a bid process).

University policy requires that all orders purchased with University funding have confirmation that the shipment was received correct and complete. A signed packing slip (with printed name, signature, and date) is a required supporting document for voucher approval and vendor payment.

Return the signed packing slip through the department whose funding paid for the purchase:

  • ERSO research groups: email signed and dated packing slip to ersopurchasing@erso.berkeley.edu.
  • Academic departments: inquire with your department business officer / MSO to find where to direct packing slips.

BearBuy features two punch‐out vendors, Dell and Apple, where you can configure laptops and desktops with the real‐time university contract pricing. To Purchase a computer that is not available in BearBuy, submit a BearBuy Non‐Catalog Form including the configuration requirements documented by an official vendor quote. Most computer makers offer an educator's discount‐‐please be sure to ask for it when comparing prices. Note that laptop purchases will require completion by user of the UC G‐46 Appendix A agreement, which outlines policy for use of UC electronic resources.

An After‐the‐Fact purchase is a procurement that has been committed to a vendor without proper authorization. Purchases made outside of this authority are unauthorized commitments of University funds. University Supply Chain Management is now tracking these after‐the‐fact purchases and requires a justification on why the purchase was made after the fact. Submit the After‐the‐Fact Justification form with your request, to fulfill campus compliance for payment.

The California State Board of Equalization is offering reduced sales/use tax rate on qualified equipment purchased for research and development in biotechnology, physical engineering, and life sciences.

Contact ersopurchasing@erso.berkeley.edu if you have any questions or need assistance.

The campus offers two services that provide substantially discounted rates.

  • BlueJeans is available to all affiliates with a Calnet ID.
    Usage is free of charge.
  • Zoom is available by order through IST for those with IST Telecom Catalog access. Usage incurs a nominal fee. Please check with your research group’s RSO or department manager/MSO as to whether there is an account already in place.

See a comparison and use cases for BlueJeans, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

FedEx airbills are created online at FedEx.com, from an account affiliated with UC Berkeley. If you do not expect to use FedEx often, someone in your group may already have a profile set up and can create an airbill for you. Your department’s receiving location also generally can provide access for you to create a waybill. A chartstring speedtype is required in the 'Your Reference' field of the waybill. Ask your faculty’s RSO or MSO for this number.

Contact ersofinance@erso.berkeley.edu with any questions about this process or use of FedEx.com.

To set up a new user profile, send this information to ersofinance@erso.berkeley.edu:

  1. User name and Employee ID
  2. Link to user's Calnet Directory listing (complete contact information should include email, phone and department name)

The user will receive an email invitation from FedEx, with instructions for profile completion. Please allow one working day turnaround for FedEx.com access.

Request a FAB# from your RSO and provide the following information: Project Title, estimated value of fabrication, estimated completion date of fabrication assembly, detailed description of fabrication, name of equipment, and fund number of project. For additional information, please refer to the Equipment Management site for procedures and application for a Fabrication Number.

The first step is to determine what kind of service provider you are hiring. The three types of independent contractor service providers are, Common services, Professional services, Consultants.

The hiring procedure varies based upon your need, and certain individuals cannot be hired as IC’s. University Business and Finance Bulletin BUS‐77 offers detailed guidelines on hiring independent contractors in university environment.

Additional information on independent contractor services provided by employees can be found at the following sites:

Please contact ERSO Human Resources with specific questions.

If your purchase is over $1000, and involves new construction, alteration, demolition, installation, repair or maintenance, prevailing wage law may apply. Wages are determined by the CA Dept. of Industrial Relations. The requirements may affect the total cost of your project, the vendor choice, and the terms/conditions applied to the project, all of which are mandated by CA SB 854 Prevailing Wage law. Check the prevailing wage commodities list to see if your project qualifies.

If you know that your project/request is subject to PW:

  • Use the Independent Contractor and Consultant Services form in your BearBuy request;
  • Check the ‘Prevailing Wage’ checkbox in the Buyer Info section of the BearBuy cart details screen;

Your project will be subject to PW if the cost total goes over $1000 during the work. In such a case, contact ERSO Purchasing once the cost change is known.

Student employees are generally set up with direct deposit for paychecks; reimbursement checks will also be routed using that banking information for electronic deposit.

Students who have NOT been campus employees are urged to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer. If EFT is not in place, a check will be mailed to your current address in CalCentral, which is linked with your Student ID#. If you anticipate a change in address near to the time you expect to receive a reimbursement check, be sure to either update your address in CalCentral; or change address or forward your mail via the USPS.

Visiting Scholars are reimbursed as vendors; please see FAQ below.

Faculty & Staff payments (non-salary payments) are issued electronically using the same bank information as for salary direct deposit. Payments through direct deposit (EFT) will generate an email notification to the payee’s email address on record on blu.

If direct deposit is not in place, a check will be mailed to the address on file. Check and update your address or direct deposit status at blu.berkeley.edu.

Payments are disbursed to the address on file and can be checked in BearBuy by your ERSO purchasing/reimbursement contact. Create and/or update a vendor address using the Vendor Information Form. Changes take up to 2 weeks to update in systems.

* The term ‘vendor’ refers to individuals and entities that do business with the University and are otherwise non-affiliated as staff, students or faculty. Students who are not enrolled at UC Berkeley fall under this category, as do Visiting Scholars.

Check and update your Direct Deposit status at blu.berkeley.edu.

  1. Log into blu with your CalNet credentials
  2. Click the "People" link at top of page
  3. At the left sidebar, click on the “Direct Deposit” link and update account information.

It takes up to 30 days for changes in check delivery/direct deposit settings. For more detail, see http://controller.berkeley.edu/financial-operations/accounts-payable/eft-authorization-instructions

For UCB Students:

Use BearFacts to review and update your address.

In addition, see “How will I get my payment (for UCB Students)?” FAQ (above)

For Vendors (including Non-affiliates & Visiting Scholars):

Complete the Vendor Information Form to update a vendor address on file. To check the current vendor address on file, contact your ERSO purchasing/ reimbursement contact. Vendor address updates take up to 2 weeks to take effect.

For Faculty and Staff:

  1. Log into blu with your CalNet credentials
  2. Click the "People" link at top of page
  3. At the left sidebar, click on the “Home and Mailing Address” link.

Allow 2-3 business days for revisions to update in system.

Go to the People Finder function on the ERSO website which allows a PI to find their Contract and Grant Manager and Research Support Officer.

For those awards that require prior approval by the agency a request for a no cost extension must be submitted to SPO in writing (not email), signed by the PI. SPO will endorse the request and forward to the sponsor. Full instructions can be found at http://www.spo.berkeley.edu/procedures/nce.html

SPO requests that proposals be delivered to their office at least 5 days prior to an agency deadline. Keep in mind that there will be processing time at ERSO as well, so contact your RSO as early in the proposal development cycle as possible so he/she can advise you on appropriate timeframes.

Give the check to your RSO with any supporting documentation and s/he will process it.

Financial Reports are uploaded to the ERSO Intranet monthly. Go to https://www.erso.berkeley.edu/ersoapp to view your reports. If you need assistance in using the Intranet, please contact ersointranet@erso.berkeley.edu.

Advise the auditor that audit questions are normally handled through the ERSO Executive Director.

A Contract is a mechanism for procurement of a product or service with specific obligations for both sponsor and recipient. A Grant is a type of financial assistance awarded to an organization for the conduct of research or other program as specified in an approved proposal. Gifts are awards given with few or no conditions specified.

ERSO maintains a table of GSR rates by Department which can be found here.

The award status will make the chartstring available or unavailable in the funding selection drop-down list, for PIs and Delegates who approve requests.

  • Chartstring remains available for selection on fund statuses Active, Closing, Equipment Only and Active-Restricted Use;
  • Chartstring is removed from the selection drop-down for Closed and Not OK for Buying-Active status.

Yes. Meal costs incurred on university business travel can be reimbursed based on actual costs with or without receipts for meals under $75. Traveler is required to provide a daily breakdown by meal type on their Travel Reimbursement Form based on their actual costs. See Travel Reimbursement Document & Receipt Requirements for more information.

If the traveler is either submitting or approving the request in the ERSO Intranet, the travel form does not need a “wet” signature. If this is not the case, the traveler’s signature is required on the form before it is uploaded. ERSO staff will contact the traveler for signature during processing if needed. An electronic signature is acceptable (e.g., Docusign, Adobe, etc.).

No. Taxi and bus expenses should be listed on the travel form in the “Ground Transportation” section.

Domestic meal reimbursement cap is claimed on actual expense incurred, up to and not to exceed $62 per day. Meal reimbursement caps are not considered a per diem allowance.

These may be used to calculate all expenses incurred in the country, unless the trip is of very long duration. Fees associated with purchase and exchange transactions are also reimbursable.

  1. The actual US$ exchange rate reflected on the traveler’s credit card statement for hotel charges or other expenses, or the rate documented on a receipt from foreign currency exchange.
  2. Oanda.com is used for conversion calculations when a traveler does not have documentation of the actual exchange rate paid. Rates provided on online sites are not always favorable.

If airfare was booked with “back to back” trips (i.e., continuous routing), a single travel submission will suffice and the travel report will be entered as “multiple location”. If the travel is not a continuous route, e.g., the trips originate and start separately, they should be submitted as separate requests.

Yes, business or first‐class travel may be authorized in such a case where the itinerary involves overnight travel without an opportunity for normal rest before the commencement of working hours. The traveler must provide a statement to justify the higher class airfare.

Yes. Reimbursement is based upon the lesser of actual transportation expense or the most economical transportation expenses that would have been incurred had personal travel not taken place. All expenses associated with personal travel are the responsibility of the employee.

Note: You may not charge the airfare to the university using a Direct Bill ID, if personal travel is included in your business trip. You must purchase the tickets using personal funds and request reimbursement, if applicable.

Please see additional guidelines, including restriction for international travel, please see here.

All expenses associated with personal travel are the responsibility of the employee.

  • Prior to travel, compare itineraries with the same parameters as for the business portion of the trip, then identify and provide a copy of the current lowest available coach fare itinerary.
  • Post‐travel, note personal time, dates, and location on reimbursement request.
    • Deduct / prorate any personal expenses from reimbursement;
    • If the personal airfare was more costly, only claim the business portion of the fare;
    • If the cost including personal travel was equal to or less than a direct business flight, provide a statement to that effect, along with a copy of the current lowest available coach fare itinerary. If a comparable airfare itinerary (After The Fact is acceptable) is not provided, an Exceptional Approval will need to obtained, before moving forward with the reimbursement request.

For more information see Controller’s FAQ on personal travel: http://travel.berkeley.edu/faq-page#t8n158

Each traveler is responsible for their portion of the expense and reports the cost for the portion they paid on the expense report. Best practice is to separate expenses whenever possible, e.g.,

  • for shared meals: get separate receipts;
  • for shared room: get two hotel folios showing the split cost for each traveler.

If split receipts are not available,

  • The traveler paying the bill for shared travel with one or more UCB travelers shall request reimbursement for the total amount paid, indicating on the reimbursement form which expenses were shared and with whom.
  • The traveler whose expenses were paid by another traveler should indicate the traveler who paid and which expenses were paid, and only claim the expense they themself paid.

Policy allows for campuses to use a direct‐billing arrangement with hotels for payment of room and tax charges only, on behalf of travelers. Deposits may be made after a contract is secured prior to the deposit due date. Advance payments in full, prior to trip completion is disallowed. The traveler is responsible for noting on the reimbursement form any advance payments made on his/her behalf.

Alternately, a traveler may request a travel cash advance prior to travel and use these funds to pay for their business lodging.

A receipt is a payment document showing purchase date, vendor name, description of goods purchased, and payment amount, method and evidence (i.e. zero balance or marked "Paid").

Connexxus UC Travel Portal

Prepaid airfare can be arranged using the UCOP online travel booking system, Connexxus. Please refer to ERSO procedures for booking a pre‐paid flight.

Faculty and staff in certain HR job titles are able to use the Connexxus portal. Send access requests to your RSO or ersotravelhelp@erso.berkeley.edu. Access requires up to 48‐hours.

For non-employees (guest travelers) without Connexxus access, there are two options:

  • A UCB employee with system access (excluding RSOs and ERSO T&E staff) may arrange UC business travel for visitors, students, and non‐affiliated individuals.
  • The Guest Traveler may work through BCD Travel Agent to book airfare directly.
    • Complete Direct Bill ID request and forward to faculty sponsor’s RA;
    • RA provides guest traveler a Direct Bill ID, authorizing traveler to book through travel agency, and instructions on this process (RA process).

Faculty and staff in certain HR job titles are able to use the Connexxus portal.

For those employees that do not have automatic access to Connexx, any employee with current access to Connexxus may sign up an employee through the Direct Bill ID site.

Log onto the Direct Bill ID site → go to Department Functions → select Sign Up New User. Enter the Employee’s First and Last Name and their Employee ID.

NOTE: It may take up to 48 hours for the employee to gain access to Connexxus site, after successful entry. If the individual needs to book a flight immediately, please refer to the What if I do not have access to the Connexxus portal FAQ for additional options.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Yes, your loyalty membership / frequent flyer numbers may be applied to airfare purchased through Connexxus by editing their profile as follows:

  • Log into the UC Travel Center and select Edit Profile > Add Loyalty Program Info
  • PIs/MSOs/Delegates select Submit to My Group for requests to their managed funds; the request will be submitted and approved in one step due to their funding authority. You should use the “Submit to Other Group” button on requests to any group that exceed your delegation amount -- this activates your role as a submitter rather than a delegate, and routes the request for approval by the PI/delegates with higher authorization. If you select the "Submit to My Group" button for amounts over your delegation, your request will generate an error without ability to save or submit your request.
  • Click Submit to Other Group for requests paid on funding not managed by you. This is the Requester role workflow. Once on the Service form, select the group funding the request, from the drop-down list at top of screen.
  • The My Requests list includes those initiated by you within the past 90 days.
  • The Recent Requests list includes those submitted, returned or approved by you within past 90 days.

Intranet Delegates can approve and cancel transactions and use the advanced search function for a research group, department or center. This role is granted by the person with funding authority for the group (PI, MSO or Center Director) from within the Intranet or via the ERSO Delegation Request Form. Refer to Add/Delete Delegates & Group Leads in the Intranet User Guide.

A BearBuy Cart Authorizer (CA) has authority to approve carts submitted in BearBuy, for processing on behalf of the Faculty PI or other person with fund authority. Cart Authorizers are designated by the person with funding authority (PI, MSO or Center Director) within the Intranet or via the ERSO Delegation Request Form. Refer to Add/Delete BearBuy Cart Authorizers in the Intranet User Guide. The CA role is not restricted in BearBuy by dollar threshold, but can be limited by specific funds.

A Group Lead can view the group's financial reports, view people (salary) data, select delegates, manage unpaid associates and use the advanced search function in the Intranet. Group Leads are designated by the person with funding authority (PI, MSO or Center Director). PI’s make this authorization within the Intranet or via the ERSO Delegation Request Form. Refer to Add/Delete Delegates & Group Leads in the Intranet User Guide.

Associates not paid on a group’s funds will not be listed on its People page until they are manually added by the Group Lead or PI/Center Director. Refer to Add/Delete Unpaid Associates in the Intranet User Guide.

  • Find returned requests under Services tab, My Requests
  • Click on the Edit link
  • Edit any field or attachment on the request screen
  • Click Submit (to re-submit for approval) or Save for Later (to edit or submit later).

The Payment request is primarily used for supply (non-T&E) reimbursements to individuals. For example, if you pay out of pocket for supplies from a vendor, such as Amazon, complete the payment form as outlined below.

Contact the BearBuy Help Desk for assistance with use of the system. Contacts are also listed on the BearBuy Home / Shop page. Questions about your transaction processed by ERSO should be directed to ERSO Purchasing.

Use your CalNet ID / Passphrase from the BearBuy direct link.
BearBuy is also accessed through blu.berkeley.edu. Contact the BearBuy Application Support Center if you have login difficulty.

UC Berkeley employees, affiliates and graduate students automatically have access to BearBuy. If you encounter difficulty accessing BearBuy, please contact the BearBuy Help Desk. Non-employee undergraduate students without access should contact ERSO HR Operations, requesting a 'Volunteer Appointment' in HCM. Please follow the steps in the ERSO Volunteer Sign-up Process guideline.

Follow the process within your department -- check with your MSO or business manager if needed. ERSO-supported research groups should refer to the ERSO BearBuy Cart-Authorizer Lookup Table for a list by Faculty lead of Cart Authorizers for their group. Purchasing will return carts submitted outside of the appropriate authorization path.

No. Shipping costs are dependent on many factors which occur after the purchase, and are not reflected in the BearBuy system. You can, however, specify your preferred shipping method in the comments field.

ERSO recommends shoppers use the Non-Catalog form for any items not found within the system's Hosted or Punch-out catalogs.
If submitting for a supply reimbursement, please use the Payment Request form.

You can ask your group's Research Support Officer or department business manager to confirm your Org Node if you are unsure after checking the research center list below.
EERCT = Engineering Research Centers including: CHESS, BSAC, BNSG, DMG, GSRC, BWRC, TRUST, KAUST, TSRC, NEXTOR, PATH, PRC
NCEER = Earthquake Engineering Research Center
NFEEH = Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering

From inside your Cart, view the Requisition > Shipping tab. Click the Edit button and input the desired destination under Address Details > Attn.: (shipping code not necessary). After the requisition is submitted, ERSO Purchasing staff will include the Ship To address.
ERSO’s standard location is 266 Sutardja Dai Hall MC 1768. View here for more on addresses and how to add frequently-used addresses to your profile.

View the upper left Action Items section of the BearBuy Home/Shop screen.

  • Returned requisitions require your action before being processed (check the Comments tab for return reason/action needed)
  • Completed requisitions are in process of being fulfilled
  • Pending requisitions are awaiting processing

You may also contact us to inquire as to status.

Returned requisitions require your action in order to be processed. Information could be missing, or documents need to be uploaded. Check the Comments tab for return reason and action requested.

The Action Items section of the BearBuy Home / Shop screen is best when searching for a cart. The Orders & Documents > Document Search icon on the left sidebar is best for an advanced search with specific known order criteria, then to narrow down from a number of results.
Also see the FAQs: How do I find my order?, How do I find my cart?, What is the status of my order?

Using BearBuy Document Search, you can search for requisitions, purchase orders, and vouchers (invoice payments). Once you perform a broad search, you can filter for values listed along the left column, or use Advanced Search link to specify parameters before searching.

Note: BearBuy Document Search returns results from the entire campus, so it is recommended to use the Advanced Search feature to narrow your results.

All carts can be found under the Cart icon (Shop) > View Draft Shopping Carts on the left sidebar. Once your Cart is submitted, it becomes a requisition and can be viewed in the dropdown menu > Recent Orders under your name.

BearBuy FAQ for Research Administrators

A Blanket PO provides for multiple partial payments over an extended period. Submit the Amount Only form to create a blanket PO, which will allow multiple vouchers to be applied to the PO and reduce the balance with each payment.

Sales/Use taxes are not calculated within BearBuy. BFS will properly calculate accrued use tax if the tax flag is selected at the line level on the BearBuy voucher. If so, UC has either paid sales tax or accrued use tax. RAs can review the flag in BearBuy at the line level, if desired.

Viewing rights vary based on your role in a BearBuy transaction. Please see the View Access by Role document for details, or contact BearBuy Support for further guidance in individual cases.

Use the Document Search function to search transactions by your Chartfield 2. Remember to include the Chartfields of RA's chartstrings you are backup approver for during their days off. You can save your own standard searches in the Personal searches subtab of BearBuy, or review the available searches in the Shared folder for ERSO standard search templates that you can modify for your needs.

Yes! Click the Quick View icon. This shows a window from which you can click forward and backward through all results.

Remember to include the chartfield 2 managed by the RA you're covering for as well as your own, in your daily worklist search in BearBuy, to bring up the POs and vouchers needing your attention. See FAQ How do I search Requisitions and Vouchers for my Org Node Approver or Voucher Approval role? for more information on searches.

Packing slips are listed in the BearBuy receipt, and links directly to the relevant ERSO receiving log. Each POD is scanned and attached to the end of a daily log; logs are separated by date then building.

Please note that RAs need not check for packing slips as a step in the approval or Blucard reconcile process. Receipt matching and documentation is performed by our Receiving department on behalf of staff, and ERSO best practice is not to 'double-check' for PODs as its considered extra effort and an unnecessary step.