Documentation Memoranda
Subject Date Identifier
ERSO Inter-Departmental Payroll Cost Transfer Process – Updated 08/03/2012 RA-12
ERSO Documentation Memorandum Travel Advance 05/03/2012 TRV-1
Guidance for CalTrans Contract Invoicing Frequency and Process 03/19/2012 RA-10
Guidance on Clearing Deficit Sweeps 03/15/2012 RA-9
Guidance on Employee Moving Expenses 03/05/2012 RA-8
Major Project and Direct Charging of Administrative Costs 01/05/2012 RA-7
E-Verify 10/21/2011 RA-6
Visiting Scholar Stipends / Long-Term Travel (per diem) 08/24/2011 RA-5
Online Host Certification through Calnet Authentication for Entertainment Event 07/31/2009 RS-3
Guidelines on the Purchase and Use of Cellular Phones and Other Portable Electronic Resources 04/24/2009 PS-1
Quantity Purchases for UC Sponsored Events and Activities 04/08/2009 RS-2
SPO Award Retention 04/02/2009 RA-4
GSR Fee Remission 03/13/2008 RA-3
Financial Projections 02/04/2008 RA-2
Close-Out Procedures 01/31/2008 RA-1
CalNet Auth. & Traveler's Signature 12/19/2007 RS-1
Check Handling 11/01/2007 EO-1
Important Communications
Subject Date Function Unit Sender
Process Change: BearBuy and T&E System Approvals 01/18/2017 RA Exec. Office Dep. Director
Cost Share: Appropriate Chartstring for Academic Salaries Designated 12/19/2016 RA Exec. Office Dep. Director
Procurement of Goods with UC Berkeley Trademarks 09/30/2016 Purchasing Exec. Office Dep. Director
Process for Requesting Enhancements to ERSO Systems 12/12/2014 IT Exec. Office Dep. Director
2014 Update UC Travel Policy Foreign Travel 03/26/2014 Travel Exec. Office Dep. Director
Payroll Cost Transfers - Financial Journals as Exception ONLY 01/14/2013 RA / Payroll Exec. Office Dep. Director
ERSO Receiving and Documentation Process - Effective January 2nd 01/08/2013 S&R Exec. Office Dep. Director
Use Tax Clarification on Shipping & Handling 11/14/2012 Purchasing Exec. Office Dep. Director
ERSO Intranet Update - Corrections to COA After Initial Approval 10/21/2012 Intranet Exec. Office Dep. Director
ERSO Intranet Phase II Release 10/09/2012 Intranet Exec. Office Dep. Director
BearBuy Process Change - Additional Authorizer 09/19/2012 RA / Purch. Exec. Office Dep. Director
700-U Forms 10/07/2009 RA Exec. Office Assist. Dean
Subrecipient Process 08/04/2009 RA SPO SPO Director
EECS Visiting Scholar Processing Fee 07/20/2009 EECS EECS Chair
700-U Requirement 04/27/2009 RA Exec. Office Assist. Dean
Non Academic Staff Recruitment 04/27/2009 HR HR HR Director
Ending Academic Appointments 04/07/2009 HR HR HR Director
Appt. of Vice Chancellor for Research 04/02/2009 RA Campus Chancellor
Membership Process 04/01/2009 Purchasing Purchasing Dep. Director
Budget Update 03/16/2009   Exec. Office Assist. Dean
July-Dec 2008 Status Update 03/16/2009 RA Payroll ERS Coord.
Getting Ready for ERS 02/13/2009 RA Payroll ERS Coord.
T&E Voucher Signature Authority 02/03/2009 T&E Exec. Office Dep. Director
Salutations 01/29/2009 Team 2 Staff Exec. Office Assist. Dean
Yale University Settlement 01/13/2009 RA Exec. Office Assist. Dean
Vanderbilt NSF Audit 10/28/2008 RA Exec. Office Assist. Dean
RA Roundtable Presentations and Feedback Results
Date Forum or Medium Topic Links
03/16/2017 RA Roundtable Independent Contractor Subaward, Vendor? Oh My. Handout Feedback
11/17/2016 RA Roundtable GSR/GSI Appointments Slides
10/05/2016 Survey Roundtable Survey Ranking Topics Survey
09/06/2016 Survey New VRC Policy RA Feedback for SPO Faculty User Network Group (SUN) Feedback
08/24/2016 RA Roundtable Next Gen Intranet Overview Slides Feedback
PIP Findings and Recommendations Report
04/21/2016 RA Roundtable Financial Journal Upload Slides Feedback
Advice on How to Deal with Difficult Encumbrances Slides
Tips and Tricks on Faculty Cost-Shared Effort Lookup & Calculation Using ERS Slides
Reconciling Indirect Cost  
HR Update Slides
Next Generation Intranet and PI/Center Status Updates Slides
02/29/2016 RA Roundtable NSF Significant Changes Policy Update Slides
11/17/2015 RA Roundtable Uniform Guidance: Summary of Significant Changes (SPO) Slides Feedback
11/09/2015 RA Roundtable Award Closeout Process (CGA) Slides Feedback