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Welcome to Team 2/ERSO

As part of Campus Shared Services Team 2/ERSO functions as a central hub, providing Research Administration, Human Resources and Business Services support to all research centers, academic departments, and affiliated ORUs in the UC Berkeley College of Engineering and College of Environmental Design. Team 2/ERSO focuses on providing effective and efficient administration, which allows the faculty and staff to focus on teaching, developing and growing the research enterprise rather than managing business services. Team 2/ERSO will maintain a customer-oriented operation, with appropriate levels of faculty and staff oversight to support a culture of continuous improvement.

Key Contacts
Associate Dean for Research
Jeffrey Bokor; adr@coe
Service Director:
Cathy Jen; ckj@erso
Director of  Business and Finance Services;
Jennifer Stone; jstone@erso
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ERSO is Always Running!

Every Friday at noon come meet at UCB’s beautiful Edwards Track and walk or run with some of your colleagues. Thanks to Henry Wong and Anthony Stamos for this great idea. We have done this a couple of Fridays and want to include any others who might be interested. Take a Vitamin D and fresh air break. The sunrays on your skin will give you a natural Vitamin D boost.

Christina (TINA) Ochoa Retires

Christina (TINA) Ochoa officially retired on 1/30/15. Tina left her office on January 29th but graciously "stayed with us" until February 25th. (learn more)

New Process for Event-Related Contract Reviews

As of February 17, 2015, Team 2 Purchasing Buyers will perform contract reviews of off- campus hotel, conference venue, event and catering contracts. (learn more)